Fight for the Crime

Flippy just came back from a so called war and then ran into the of course twin lifty. He sorta disliked the twins because they got more glorie then he did. They stole. He fought. He never understude. Then one day he ran into lifty again this time Lifty ran into him and was begging for Flippy's help. He didnt know why he didnt want to but the look in Liftys eyes made him want to actually help him for once. He didnt understand. He never understod the criminal twins.


1. Quick Author note

if your a happy tree friends fan and you dont like the ship i did for this im sorry but you can just stop right now yes i did flippy and lifty but i love lifty but i also think flippy is a cool character. If you dont like it go. Im going to do a LiftyXShifty sooner or later but atm im doing this one thanks and i hope you guyss will ike it ill start righting soon

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