From the Depth of Hell

It sucks being the daughter of the devil. The princess of Hell. Ugh! It sucked down here too.. But daddy wanted to give me the best sweet 1016th birthday present ever! I trip back to the real world. He said I get to spend a month there but I had to come back. Let's just say, living on Earth is better than living in Hell.



1. My Devious Sweet 1,016

"Happy Birthday!" My dad yells barging into my room. 

"Ugh! I'm trying to sleep," I groan, turning. My dad frowns. 

"Come on, Lucy. Don't you want to hear about your gift?"

"Not really. I'd like to resume the dream I had. So many people were suffering and dying."

"Well, as pleasant as that dream sounds, I need you up. You need to prep for you present."


"Fine," I groaned getting up. My dad smiled.


My name is Lucia (Lucy). I'm Lucifer's daughter. Who is Lucifer you might ask. Well, that's the devil. Yep, you heard right. I'm the daughter of the devil. I live deep down in hell and trust me, it's a hell of a lot of fun down here.. Ha! Get it? No? Okay.. Well, anyways, today marks me officially turning 1016. Yea, I know, I'm old. But hey, in hell I don't age so I'm technically 16 in human years. Humans. I swear, they are some filthy creatures. But they seem interesting.  I hate the ones that believe in grandpa. Ugh! Grandpa God is sooo annoying. He takes credit for things that have nothing to do with him. At least I don't have to deal with him.

"So what am I prepping for?" I questioned.

"We're going to live in the human world for a month."

"We're leaving hell? Whose gonna run everything?"

"I don't think you need to worry about that. But pack up my darling, this is gonna be fun."

I rolled my eyes. Earth. This more like a vacation for him. 

"You have to change your look," My dad says.

"Change it? What's wrong with my look now?" I looked at my hot red skin and fiery red eyes.

"You'll scare the humans. You have to fit in," Dad says. I growled.

"Fine. How about, milky white skin, red hair, and red eyes."

"Don't you think-" My dad stopped at the look on my face. "Never mind."

"I'm going on one condition though," I said. My dad sighed.

"Must there be a condition?" I gave him a look. "What is it?"

"I get to keep all my powers. Mind control, mind reading, immortality, soul eating-"

"Okay, okay! Fine! Keep your dainty little powers."

I gasped. 

"My powers are not dainty!"

"Whatever you say, Lucy. Now we much go. You don't want to get a late start on your present."

"You mean your present," I mumbled. My dad rolled his eyes. He used his magic to change his look. He was a man with white skin and raven black hair. 

"Shall we go?" He asked in an English accent.

"Not quite yet," I say. My dad groaned. "Don't get your panties in a bunch. I can't leave without Jasper."

Jasper was my cat that I had. It was strange that a cat was sent to hell, however I never complained. Free cat for me.

Jasper came with me and I used my magic to turn him into a black cat.

"Now I'm ready to leave."

"Alright, my darling. Let's go," Dad and I walk through the portal ending up in an alley in California.

"So what now, pops?" My voice was different. It was a British accent like dad.

"Well darling, I have a pent house in Las Angelos so we have to make our way there."

My dad made a Mustang appear and I gave him a look.

"What? You get to keep your powers, I get to keep mine."

I rolled my eyes and got into the car. We drove and drove until we made it to our new "house."

"Lucy, I'm sorry to inform you however, you'll have to attend school." My mouth dropped, "I know, I know. You don't wanna go but I have places to be and I don't need a 16 year old to be to ruin that."

"What are you gonna be doing that-" By the look of my dad's face, I knew exactly what he meant. "Never mind. But can't I stay home?"

"And do absolutely nothing? No. I don't trust you by yourself either. You're a very mischievous little girl."

"I wonder where I get it from," I mumbled.

"It's only for a month then you can go home and swallow as many souls as you want."



I smiled and hugged my dad.

"Thanks, daddy."

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