More Then Us

"Austin my first love, who was here one day and then gone the next. I remember not understand why he had just gone, no goodbyes, same with his family; it like they were never here. I had always been the four of us, I, Holly, Mandy, and Austin. From first grade all the way up to the summer after freshman. I and Austin had started going out at the end of freshman year. Then about a year after, he disappeared I got this postcard all it said was “una pequeña muestra de mi amor - Austin” witch means a small token of my love; Austin. It was the only one I got, no return address or anything. It’s been years sence the last time I had seen him."


4. Flight


What I told Holly and Mandy played over in my head and the look of hurt on their face was something I would never be able to forget. Maybe I should of told them about the post card but I could; it's not like I didn't try I did I just never went thought it.

Bag cheek was longer coming into Mexico then it was leaving American. All I want was to get out of this airport and let the search began. But before that could happen I would need to fix things between me and my friends. Also, I have to finger out how to do the search with out my mom or Jeff finding out.

Before we left my mother sat us down and had a 'little' chat that took longer than two hours on what we could and couldn't do. The number one rule was we had to stay together no matter what. Witch is why I had to fix things with them, I couldn't go off by myself and then they get in seen with out me or the other way around.

We stepped into the hot sun light. My skin all ready to sock up all that it could. Jess loaded all the bags into the van witch them took us to the Hotel. It was the most beautiful place I have even see; cream wall, white tiles, and everything seemed to be made out of crystals and gold.

All the works had the same dark blue colored outfits. As we walked to the desk. A young lady smiled a can-I-help-you smile.

"May I help you?" She said. Her name tag read Jil

I rolled my eyes and stopped listening. I couldn't wait to sneak away and head to the little shop. But I had to think of a way to fix things with Holly and Mandy.

Looking around I seem a little gift show. Getting closer I see a stand with brackets; they where silver chains and next to it there were crams. Then it hit my a grabbed three then looked over the charms. I found the first letter to each of our names. And paid for them.

"Sam!" My mom yells. I told the lady thank you as a took the bag and headed off towards my mom.

"So, this is you guys room, Room 12B." Said Jeff. As he step

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