The Opposite of Attraction

Ever since grade four Damon and Sophia have been sworn enemies.

Now it's senior year and they're still throwing insult after insult at each other. Everyone knows that when they're in the same room all hell will break loose. Even the teachers knew not to put them in the same class.

Well at least all but one. Mr. Willis being the crazy teacher he is purposely choose these two to be in the same class. Everyone said that them being in the same room for a year would be a disaster waiting to happen.

What they all didn't expect was for Damon and Sophia to grow closer than ever.


7. 7

"Star, how could you do this to me?" He asked.

"Do what?" I hadn't done anything wrong.

"You're cheating on me" He stated.

"What?! With who!?" I exclaimed. That was a total lie.

"Some boy named Dylan. A friend of mine saw you two together looking rather friendly." He growled.

"B-but that's a lie! I would never cheat on you, I love you!" I tried to tell him but he wasn't listening.

"Who's Dylan! Why is he so much better than me, that you would choose him over me!?" He demanded, rising his voice for the very first time at me.

I cowered away from him, I've never seen him like this. It's terrifying.

"H-he's my b-best fr-friend." I whispered.

"Don't lie to me! I know you're lying!" He screamed, rising his fist and swinging it at my jaw.

I cried out in pain and shock. I can't believe he hit me! I though he loved me.

Tears started leaking from my eyes.

"I'm telling the truth." I sobbed.

"You're a lying, filthy bitch. I can't believe I love a disgusting human like you." He spat.

Love? This isn't love. If he loved me he would believe me and not hit me.

There was no more words exchanged after that. Only punches being delivered to me.

At one point he even took out a knife and started cutting my back. It was the worst pain I've ever experienced.

Eventually he punched me hard enough to cause me to black out.

I shot up in bed, tears and sweat dripping down my cheeks.

Not again, I haven't had a nightmare in five months.

I looked at my alarm clock. 6:00 a.m.

I sighed and got out of bed, I won't be able to get back to sleep after that dream so I might as well get up.

I looked around my room for something to distract me from the dream and the bonsai tree, Antonio caught my eye.

I remember Mr. Willis telling us that talking to our tree could be very therapeutic, I might as well give it a try right?

I explained my nightmare to the tree, and when I was finished I actually felt better.

I liked how I could tell the tree about my past and I wouldn't get a pity look from it, it wouldn't tell me how sorry it was, and it wouldn't treat me any differently.

I hated when people did that. I was still the same old me, I didn't change much after what happened.

So when people told me how sorry they were it infuriated me, it wasn't their fault so why say sorry?

Or when they gave me those god awful pity looks, c'mon people, I don't need your pity!

And worst of all, when they started to act differently around me, like I would break at any second. I wasn't some fragile little girl, I was strong, I went through all of that suffering and yet I'm still standing, so don't treat me differently. If anything I'll snap if you treat me differently, it just reminds me of everything that happened with him.

I looked over at my alarm clock again and it read 7:25 a.m. Shit, I should be getting ready if I don't want to be late.

I took a quick shower before rushing into my closet. I put on some dark skinny jeans, a white tank top, and my black leather jacket.

To finish off my outfit I pulled on my favourite black combat boots.

Ya sometimes I liked to pull off the badass look, so what?

I put on a thin coat of mascara and subtle red lip gloss before blow drying my hair. I left it in its natural waves since I was out of time and had to head off to school.

I ran downstair and yelled goodbye as I rushed out the front door.

- - - - - -

"Have you been taking good care of Antonio?" Damon asked half way through environmental awareness class.

This was the first time he spoke to me today, surprisingly.

"Yup. And I've even been keeping him company by talking to him." I told Damon without facing him. I was still trying to pay attention to what Mr. Willis was saying but that wasn't going to last very long.

"Ha, you spoke to a tree. Wow I guess you really are lonely."

Oh no he didn't.

"If anyone's lonely it's you. I have a boyfriend, where's your girlfriend?" I pointed out.

Sophia - 1 Devil - 0

"As a matter of fact, I have a beautiful girlfriend named Tina." Damon stated proudly but I saw right through his lie.

Whenever he lied he would clench and unclench his fists, and blink two times fast.

"I call your bluff. The only significant woman in your life is your mom." I stated, a little louder than necessary, causing the people around us to snicker.

Sophia - 2 Devil - 0

"At least I'm not dating someone just for popularity." He defended himself.

If that were true he would totally get a point, to bad it was a total lie!

"You use girls all the time to satisfy your 'needs'." I pointed out, using air quotes when I said needs.

Sophia - 3 Devil - 0

Wow I'm on fire.

"You know what, how did we even get on to this topic? I thought we were talking about how insane to are?" Damon asked, changing the subject not so subtly.

"How about we just stop talking to each other altogether." I suggested, turning my attention back to the teacher, effectively ending our argument.

About ten minuets before class ended Damon spoke again, this boy just couldn't leave me alone today could he?

"You really should stay away from Dylan, he's my best friend and it's gross that he's dating you."

Again with the freaking insults! It's like grade four all over again. But I went along with it anyway.

"You're just jealous that I'm dating Dylan." I stated confidently.

"What the hell do you mean?" he looked at me like I grew an extra head.

Ha, he wouldn't be looking at me like that after my next comment.

"Well obviously your secretly gay for Dylan and want him all to yourself." I declared, making my voice as serious as possible.

Sophia - 4 Devil - 0

The look on his face was priceless, his eyes were wide in horror, his jaw dropped and his face more pale than usual.

"I-I, what the fuck!" He yelled.

The whole class turned to look at us with interest.

I couldn't keep it together any longer, and burst out laughing. I laughed so hard I fell off my chair.

Usually Damon would have laughed at that but he was still in shock from my last comment.

"Mr. Blake, Miss. Mackenzie, detention after school for disrupting the class." Daddy devil informed us, just as the bell rang.

I groaned as I got out of my seat.

"This is all your fault." I hissed to Damon.

"What!? You're the one that called me gay! This is all your fault!" Damon exclaimed, running a hand through his hair in exasperation.

"Whatever, we'll just agree to disagree on this one. See you in detention loser." And with that I was out the door and on my way to the lunch room.

"Hey babe." Dylan greeted when I got to our lunch table.

As soon as I sat down he put his arm around my shoulder and pecked me on the lips.

Will I ever get use to all this affection from Dylan, my dream guy?

I heard someone slam their tray on the table beside ours and looked over to see Damon glaring angrily over at Dylan and I. Big shocked there.

Maybe he really was gay. I could set him up with Garrett. A smirk formed on my face as I though of Damon's reaction if I set him up with Garrett.

"There's a party at my house tonight, you're going right?" Dylan suddenly asked.

It's Friday night, why not live a little and go to a party. And did I really have a choice, it was my boyfriend's party after all.

I nodded "Sure, I'd love to."

He grinned at me "Perfect."

- - - - - -

"Garrett, is this dress good enough for the party?" I asked.

I spun around so he could see every angle of me.

I was wearing a tight, dark purple strapless dress that went down to my mid thigh.

I thought it was absolutely slutty but Garrett insisted that I wear something like this since I was going to a party where every girl would be wearing just about nothing.

"It's perfect, you look foxy." Garrett answered.

Ah what?

"Who says foxy anymore?" I asked, amusement dripping from my voice.

"Shut up, I do! Anyway, change of subject, what happened in detention with the Devil?" Garrett asked.

"Not much, we argued, he threw paper airplanes at me, we insulted each other, he told me to stay away from Dylan again. Same old, same old." I told Garrett.

The only thing I left out was that Damon drove me home because I didn't have a ride. Dylan drove me to school again today and I guess he forgot that I didn't have a ride back home.

I was walking home when Damon pulled over and pretty much made me get in the car. Why he was being nice and driving me home? I'll never know.

"I don't know how you've put up with Damon for so long." Garrett commented sympathetically.

I rolled my eyes "It isn't easy."

"Now lets do your hair and make up so we can start partying!" He exclaimed.

I swear the only time he acted gay was around me. But I like that he was so comfortable with me.

I did my make up while Garrett curled my hair in loose curls.

I went with the natural look with my make up, seeing as I didn't want to look like a Barbie.

By the time we were done it was 8:30 p.m. Party time.

I slipped on my black pumps and took one last look in the mirror. I had to admit, I looked hot!

"C'mon lets go girl, we don't want to be late!" Garrett called from downstairs.

I quickly made my way downstairs and into Garrett's car where he was now waiting.

Tonight was gonna be one hell of a night.

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