The Opposite of Attraction

Ever since grade four Damon and Sophia have been sworn enemies.

Now it's senior year and they're still throwing insult after insult at each other. Everyone knows that when they're in the same room all hell will break loose. Even the teachers knew not to put them in the same class.

Well at least all but one. Mr. Willis being the crazy teacher he is purposely choose these two to be in the same class. Everyone said that them being in the same room for a year would be a disaster waiting to happen.

What they all didn't expect was for Damon and Sophia to grow closer than ever.


1. 1

"I hate you!" I screamed to none other than Damon Blake, the guy I've hated since grade four.

He scoffed "I wouldn't want it any other way."

I rolled my eyes and stormed away without another word. I had to get away from the asshole before I ripped off his head and fed it to a dog.

Okay so you're probably wondering why I've hated him since grade four.

Well I'll tell you why.

One day in elementary school, after I kissed Dylan Russo on the cheek for giving me a flower, Damon came up to us and asked Dylan why he was hanging around such an ugly girl.

Being the immature fourth grader I was, I ended up stomping on his foot and stating that he was way more ugly then me.

From that point on we were sworn enemies and everyone knew it. We constantly picked on each other about anything from bad hair days to the colour of shirt we were wearing.

Even the teachers knew not to put us in the same class since they knew we would just end up arguing all the time.

It was only the first day of senior year and the first class hasn't even started yet but we've already gotten into an argument.

I stuffed the books I didn't need until after lunch in my locker before slamming it shut just as the bell rung signalling that I needed to head to class.

I was in a pretty good mood seeing as its the first day of senior year and all, but after my argument with Damon, I was in a foul mood. 

That's the effect he had on me, the littlest thing like one wrong glance from him, and I wanted to rip someone's head off. 

Luckily my first class was photography, which would put me in a better mood since it was one of my favourite classes. 

I wanted to do something in the artistic field after high school so I took every art course possible during the three years I've been here and found that photography was my favourite.

I walked into class and was greeted with a wave of 'hellos'. I smiled politely back at everyone even though I didn't know who half of them were.

I'm pretty popular if I do say so myself, I've always been. But so has Damon.

We were in the same social circle which naturally made us hate each other more since we were both competing for the most popular person in school.

The only difference between us was that I was that nice girl that talks to everyone and was loved by everyone, while Damon was that mean manwhore jock that gives nerds swirlies and shoots spitballs at the teacher.

Ever since middle school we've been tied for the most popular, but this year would be different. I would finally come out on top and beat him.

I probably sound like a cliche queen bitch right now, but popularity really isn't important to me. I'm not an  attention whore, and I couldn't care less if everyone liked me or not. I just wanted to beat Damon at anything and everything. 

- - -

My first classes went by fast and before I knew it there was only one more class until lunch.

I happily walked into my environmental awareness class and sat down in the middle of the room.

Why am I in such a good mood? I haven't had to deal with Damon since this morning. So, so far this day is going good.

The room quickly filled in and everyone took a seat. By the time the bell rang the room was quite full, and there was only one seat left. I vaguely wondered if that seat was meant for someone or if it was just an extra seat. 

My question was quickly answered when someone burst into class just as the teacher was about to begin roll call. 

I didn't even look over to see who it was because I didn't care. I hate it when people are late to class, it just means that they don't care about their education.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and then curses being muttered quietly and furiously, before the late person finally said "What is she doing here?"

My head immediately snapped to the direction of the door where the late person was still standing. I'd recognized that voice anywhere. 

Damon Blake.

Next my head snapped to the teacher. "For once I agree with him. What are we doing in the same class?" I asked.

Before our teacher Mr. Willis could utter a single word, Damon opened up his big mouth again and interrupted.

"Maybe you're in the wrong class Soph, I mean you are a stupid blonde."

My blood boiled and instinctively my hands clenched into fists. But instead of arguing back like I usually would I just turned to the teacher again.

"See, this is exactly why we can't be in the same class. This pinhead doesn't know how to keep his big mouth shut."

Mr. Willis just smiled at us and told Damon to take a seat.

This teacher is surly crazy if he thinks he could handle us for a year.

All throughout class Damon would make rude little comments when I would answer a question.

Little thing like 'nerd' and 

'know-it-all' but even things like that got under my skin, and Damon knew it.

But being the mature one, I ignored it instead of arguing and disrupting the class. I knew that if someone ever disrupted a class that I was trying to learn in, I definitely wouldn't be happy.

Too bad Damon didn't think that way. Instead he took it up a notch and started throwing paper airplanes at my head, how cliché.

After class I was definitely going to have a little chat with him.

Once the bell rung I quickly made my way out of the classroom and leaned on the wall outside of it, that way when Damon comes out I'll be able to talk to him about what he did in class.

As expected Damon was the last one out of the class, with that look that said he didn't have a care in the world always present on his face.

I caught his arm and spun him around so he was facing me. The look of surprise on his face was amusing but I pushed that aside because I was angry at him.

"You might not care about your marks but I sure do care about mine. I won't have you disrupting my learning just because you hate me!" I started off.

Damon's surprised expression quickly turned to one of annoyance but I didn't care. I just kept ranting.

"I have no idea what was running through that teacher's head when he decided to put us in the same class. But we can't change it now so we better make the most of it. Let just pretend like we don't even know each other in that class. Okay?" I finished.

Damon just blinked at me, not saying a word. Then he shook his head and said "Huh?"

My face went red as anger coursed through me.

"You weren't even listening!" I yelled.

This kid sure did have some nerve.

"Do you really expect me to listen to you rant for ten minuets?" He asked. Then quickly added "Don't answer that. Anyways you've just wasted like half my lunch so I'm just gonna go."

And before I could saying anything he was half way down the hall.

I've never hated a human as much as I hate him. How could someone be so self centred, cocky, ignorant, stupid and above all annoying?

After I took a few deep breaths to calm down I headed into the cafeteria. 

I immediately went to my table that consisted of cheerleaders, dancers and jocks.

No I'm not a cheerleader, I'm actually the most athletic inclined person you'll meet. The only reason I'm at this table is because everyone likes me.

Truthfully I don't even know why I'm popular.

Everyone welcomed me with warm 'hellos' then went back to eating.

I started chatting with a couple girls from the dance team when suddenly the whole table was looking at me.

"What?" I asked, confused as to why I was suddenly the centre of attention.

"Is it true that you and Damon are in the same Environmental Awareness class?" Kyle, the team captain of the basketball team asked.

I let out an annoyed huff before answering "Unfortunately it's true, I'm stuck with the annoying asshole for a whole year! How am I ever going to survive?"

Ya I could be really dramatic. Maybe I should join the drama club. Nah I'm too lazy. 

"I don't know how you could possibly hate Damon. He's just so dreamy, definitely drool worthy. Doesn't his looks affect you at all?" The head cheerleader, Candy,  asked.

As you can see pretty much only the head of the sports and their second in commands really talk.

"Um ew, no. I'm immune to his 'good looks'." I said, air quoting when I said 'good looks'.

"Maybe she's a lesbian." one of the dumb cheerleaders suggested to Candy.

I rolled my eyes. "Not that there's anything wrong with being a lesbian, but I'm completely straight." I told the group.

The guys all let out relived sighs.

I rolled my eyes, they just want to get into my pants. Stupid hormonal jerks.

Suddenly there was a roar of laughter from the table beside us that just so happened to be Damon's table. It consisted of the school whores and whatever jocks were stupid enough to hang around him.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that my table had more people than Damon's. I was definitely going to have the title of most popular this year.

Damon looked over at my table and winced slightly but I still caught it. When he looked at me I shot a smug look and smirk his way before turning my attention back to my friends.

He knew just as well as I did that he was going to loose this year. The thought of him finally not getting what he wanted was more than pleasing.

Suddenly the bell rung and everyone got up to go to their next class. I was about to walk out of the cafeteria when someone grabbed my arm and roughly spun me around.

I came face to face, or should I say face to chest, with Damon.

"What do you want?" I snapped irritably, ripping my arm out if his grasp and rubbing where he was previously holding me.

"Just because you have a few more people at your table doesn't mean your going to win most popular this year." He state confidentially, although I saw the doubt in his eyes. He wasn't so sure that what he said was the truth.

I laughed before replying "A few? There was at least ten more people at my table. It seems as though you've lost some recruits since last year."

He grumbled something under his breath before pushing past me and walking out the door, but before he was out of hearing distance I heard him say "This isn't over."

How cliché can one person get?

I rolled my eyes and walked out the door. I was half way to my class even the bell rung. Shit, I'm late for class!

I sprinted the rest of the way and burst into my classroom when I arrived.

Everyone, including the teacher, stopped what they were doing and looked at me like a just murdered two people.

"Mrs. Mackenzie, you're late." Mrs. McGirr stated.

No shit Sherlock.

When I didn't say anything she tried again "Why are you late?"

"Because a pinhead named Damon wouldn't let me go to class, instead he was snapping at me because he's jealous." I explained, shrugging innocently and giving her my best puppy dog eyes.

Mrs. McGirr rolled her eye but I could see that I was in the clear. "You're excused this time, but don't let it happen again."

"Thank you Mrs. McGirr." I said as I walked to the middle of the room to sit in my spot.

Again classes went by in a flash and soon it was the end of the day. I took a quick stop at my locker to drop off my books before exiting the school.

I hopped into my Audi R8 which I named Victoria, after my little sister, and drove home listening to one of my favourite singers Joe Brooks.

As you can tell my sister means a lot to me since I named my car after her, and my car was my most prized possession.

I got it for my sixteenth birthday from my parents, the car cost an arm and a leg but my family can handle it since my dad is a well known sergeant and my mom is a lawyer.

When I got close to my house I saw an all to familiar Porsche blocking my driveway.

You've got to be kidding me!

I got out of my car after parking it on the side of the street in front of my house, and stomped over to the next door neighbours house.

I rung the doorbell and when no one answered I got inpatient and started pounding on the door.

Eventually it opened revealing a smirking Damon.

Yup, the douche lives right beside me. And to make matters worse his bedroom window was no more than three feet away from mine.

"Hello Sophia." Damon said sarcastically.

"Get your cheep car out of my driveway now!" I screamed.

Damon laughed but did as I said, never taking that stupid smirk off his face.

Without another word I stomped back to my car and pulled into my driveway.

Could this day get any worse?

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