Rewriting the stories

This is a story about a girl who goes to Hogwarts, and well... Rewrites the stories!

Please comment and review so I can make it better! ��


5. 5. A little redecorating

I walked up to the stool, my legs feeling like lead weights. With shaking hands I put the hat on my head. And... Nothing happened. My mind began racing. Was I really a witch? Was I a squib? Why wasn't anything happening? But just as I began shaking in worry the hat roared to life. "Ravenclaw!"

Yes! I ran over to an ecstatic Luna, and waved to a dejected Hermione. By then all the sorting was done. Dumbledore said a few quick words and then we were all free to go. Luna hung around to discuss the health benefits of gurdyroots with professor Sprout, but I left to scout out our room.

Turns out that Ravenclaw's common room is in a tower. Ugh. After 10 minutes of walking up stairs I finally reached my destination. There was no password to get in, just a riddle which I answered quickly. When I walked through the portrait and into the room I was pleasantly surprised to see all the windows. But the room itself was rather boring. I checked out my room in hope that it would be better. Not really. I unpacked the best I could and sat down on my bed. A couple minutes later Luna walked in. "Well this room will never do!" She said airily. "Want to help me fix it?" Pretty soon our wands were out, circling the room. First we added sheer, flowy curtains for the windows. Then Luna changed the beds to a triple bunk. I magically changed the color of mine to teal, Luna's to fuchsia and the extra one white. A hanging chair in the corner completed the look. "Girl power!" Luna and I laughed. I climbed the ladder to my bed and collapsed with a good book. I was perfectly content to spend the rest of the day reading. But someone had other ideas...

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