Chasing Time (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl named felicity who invents a time machine and accidentally sends it back I the 1700s. She never expected It to come back but it did and brought something that would change her life forever.


1. 1537 Pinebrook Rd.


*Felicities point of view*

"Felicity, your dinner's ready!!"
"Ok mom, I'll be there in a few minutes!" I closed my book (The Selection of you were wondering, very great book) and walked down stairs to see the table set with two plates with chicken and broccoli. There's just two of us, my mom and I. My dad left us when I was just five so I don't really remember him anymore, seeing as I'm 17, or almost 17, my birthday is in a few days. All I know about him is that he had a high position at NASA and once he left us we moved back to my moms home state. We live in Minnesota, the most interesting state in the world (not). I don't have many friends, I move around too much and I am basically the most  socially awkward person in the whole universe. That may be because I have a strange obsession with history and physics, a great friend obtaining combo, I know. 
"So, how was your day at school honey?"
"It was greaaaaat. I love getting slammed into lockers and having the nicest pictures of me getting posted all over social media." Dinner, as you may have guessed, was silent for the rest of the night. When I had finished, I decided to go up to my room to work on my.... Project. I trifle up the stairs careful not to attract too much attention and walk into the back corner of my room. I open the closet door and stand on my tiptoes to reach the large cardboard box on the top shelf (Oh, I forgot to mention that what I'm doing isn't exactly allowed). I pull the box off the shelf careful not to spill its contents and out if in the floor with a thud. Inside is a jumble of wires and metal with some tools as well. I take out the largest piece of metal, a cylinder about the size of a pop can and open one of the panels on the side. I just need to attach a few more wires... Here and... Wait, what?! Where did it go? I had just lost my most precious item. My time machine. I mean, at least it works, right? I slouch over to my bed and start crying. I had spent over two years on this project just for it to go to another place. Who knows if it's inside a cave or in a time period where nothing lived! Ugh, what am I going to do now!! I get off my bed and look under it to find a bin full of drawing supplies. I take a sketchbook and a few pencils and start drawing my time machine. Man I miss that thing already. I have some hope that it will come back to 2016 if it landed in a place where humans existed because I had set it so it will always go to the last place it was. All someone needs to do it touch it with a whole hand as they think of the time and location the want to go to and it will take them there. However, I forgot to wear gloves to work on it today and I couldn't stop thinking about the early 1700s England near the palace... WAIT! I know where the time machine went!! Just as that thought appeared in my head, there was a loud zap in the corner of my room near the closet. I look over slowly and to my surprise, a girl about the same age as me was standing in the corner wearing a very poofy blue dress, and a shocked expression.
Yay! I finished my first chapter!! I hope you thought this first chapter was interesting because I'm  having a lot of fun making this! I've never really written a story for fun before so it may not be the best thing you've ever read but I hope you like it an keep reading!!! 

Love you all, Thatch3r 😘

P.S. If I make any errors AT ALL I am fine with you telling me about them so I can fix it. I want the story to be as great as possible so it would also be nice to have some suggestions for names and places/events that occur so you can most them if you'd like!!

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