Magic or some sh*t

When zombies strike things take a turn for the worst, two teens ( one with a baby ) have to work together in order to get to the safe haven, there are some technical difficulties on the way and a bit of conflict, and eventually the whole thing seemed so unrealistic that one could believe it was only a dream, a nightmare.


14. The ending chapter--->

"Wait, wait, wait...Your name's Toby right...? Morris?" Ted said, staring at the ground, biting his lip in a still silence.

The boy turned, looking at him suspiciously. 

"Yes...But I thought you didn't-"

Ted stood up suddenly, stopping the younger boy in his tracks.

"I've got it! Morris, how much do you know about us...?" He gestured at George, Felix and I.

Morris stared at him with a furrowed brow, 

"What do you mean...?"

"I mean-"

I got up resting a hand on my boyfriends shoulder, 

"Ted, we don't know this boy, let him get on his way." I looked over at the boy apologetically, "I'm sorry...Ted here hasn't been the same since his accident, please excuse him..."

The boy looked right at me worriedly

"I know that your real name is Jen, but you'd rather be called Tallahassee, you own a black landrover with three written on the front doors in white paint, I know that your son is called Felix, he is shy but talks when he needs to, Ted is...Real hard core, and jumps off buildings just to prove a point, George is your younger brother, he is a doctor and works-"

"PRECISELY!" Ted almost screamed, knocking us all into shock, he pointed at Toby, pacing slightly. "That is where you are wrong my friend, George isn't a doctor..."

George stepped down from the monkey bars and sauntered over, "What do you mean Ted? You know I'm studying to become a doctor, my course should be done in...Three weeks precisely."

Ted stopped pacing, and looked up, grinning. 



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