Magic or some sh*t

When zombies strike things take a turn for the worst, two teens ( one with a baby ) have to work together in order to get to the safe haven, there are some technical difficulties on the way and a bit of conflict, and eventually the whole thing seemed so unrealistic that one could believe it was only a dream, a nightmare.


4. It's a long Journey

"It's really nice to see that someone else has survived this far"

I jumped into Tallahassee's Land Rover. It smelled a bit weird, but I couldn't complain. 

"Felix is a real shy guy so you won't get many words from him" she chuckled 

"Yeah not many words, but I bet his shit is what this smell is" I thought

I tickled his cheek.

"Have you done a poopa, have you done a poopa" I whispered to him in a baby voice.

I looked at Tallahassee. She was very quiet, staring at the road, occasionally looking in the mirror to check on Felix.

"Soooo" I said trying to break the silence "how long do you reckon we'll be until we get to safe haven"

"Not to long, it will only take a few days" she said, still staring at the road.

"ok that's goo...wait a few days!" I shouted.

"Jesus, relax, me and Felix have been on much longer journeys than this, consider yourself lucky" 

I began to see a smile forming on her face, when suddenly, Felix screamed.

"Awe come on Felix, what's the matter?"she stated in a relaxed voice.

"For-wad" he said, pointing in front of us.

I turned around and almost screamed. It was a horde of walkers. All staring straight ahead... At us!!!






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