Magic or some sh*t

When zombies strike things take a turn for the worst, two teens ( one with a baby ) have to work together in order to get to the safe haven, there are some technical difficulties on the way and a bit of conflict, and eventually the whole thing seemed so unrealistic that one could believe it was only a dream, a nightmare.


7. George

People came flooding out of the hospital to help and eventually we cleared the place of Walkers, Morris was lying on the floor, his arm gushing blood from a bite wound, a familiar figure was kneeling next to him, a think bandage in one hand, and a syringe in the other.

Morris yelped, he was obviously in pain as he passed out, the figure bandaged his arm and looked up at me with pink eyes and a goofy grin, 

"Glad you made it here alive sis."

I smiled and ran at him, arms wide, hugging him silently, he was the one to break the silence.

"Where is Felix?...Ted?"

My face fell into a frown, "Ted isn't here?"

"....No...I thought he was with you..."

I blinked back tears and fetched Felix from the Landrover, George took me inside,

"...Was he taken?...Do you think he's-"

"George, he's not dead! You know Ted, he wouldn't leave us like that, not without a proper goodbye!"

He held out his hands in defense, laughing. "Hey, hey chill. I believe you."

It seemed almost like the old times as George held Felix, both slowly drifting into a deep sleep.

Before my life became a living hell this was what it was like.

Playing happy families.

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