Magic or some sh*t

When zombies strike things take a turn for the worst, two teens ( one with a baby ) have to work together in order to get to the safe haven, there are some technical difficulties on the way and a bit of conflict, and eventually the whole thing seemed so unrealistic that one could believe it was only a dream, a nightmare.


11. Arguing.

"Grow up Ted! You've been gone weeks and you think you can just saunter back here, claiming you know how to stop those monsters? What are you, five?"

"Don't give me that George, you know very well, I know what I'm fucking doing!" 

I woke up early to my brother screaming at my boyfriend, Felix was crying in my arms and I was stuck in the middle, not knowing whose side to take.

Morris looked over at me wearily, something had happened between him and Ted, but I was completely clueless on that subject.

"Do you think they'll be arguing for long?" He asked, sitting next to me, his freshly bandaged arm looking quite sore.

"I don't know, all I know is if it carries on for long one of them is going to flip-"

"THAT'S IT, YOU WANT TO FUCKING DANCE?!" George screamed, 

Ted glared at him menacingly, standing up calmly,  it almost looked as if he had fire in his eyes.

Something had changed him, something had clicked, he wasn't the same as before,

"Of course, but George, brother, I'll warn you, I used to do ballroom." He sighed, eyes glistening, "But if you want to dance, then pretty boy, lets dance."

I tried to get up and stop them but Morris pulled me back down,

"Don't get involved, you could get hurt."

George lunged at Ted, neither of them in their right minds, tearing at each other, and without warning, I started crying, screaming at them to stop, but it was no use, they tore at each other until they were both bleeding messes, my brother, and my boyfriend...We're lucky George is a doctor.

This is what the Apocalypse does to a person.

I turns you into a monster.

Or as Ted would say...

"The monster that claws its way out of your body, when your animal instincts kick in."



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