Magic or some sh*t

When zombies strike things take a turn for the worst, two teens ( one with a baby ) have to work together in order to get to the safe haven, there are some technical difficulties on the way and a bit of conflict, and eventually the whole thing seemed so unrealistic that one could believe it was only a dream, a nightmare.


1. He Was Taken

"I said go! Leave while you still can!" 

You know, when zombies strike, things don't always go to plan, you get split from the people you love without a trace of hope that you'll see them again. I was young when it happened, just seventeen, just moved in with what I knew as the love of my life, Ted.

We had met three years previous, fell in love, had a baby boy called Felix and were due to be husband and wife soon enough, but obviously life was going all too well for me.

They rampaged us, broke into our house, and tried to kill us, eat us alive, if it wasn't for Ted, Felix and I would have been ripped apart. Ted shot at them, again and again, but there were too many of the foul creatures. They climbed on him and engulfed him until I only heard the muffled screams as he was dragged away and for all I know clawed open and eaten.

Now I only have one goal, get to the hospital my brother works in, make sure he's alive and if i'm lucky...

See Ted there too.



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