my new neighbor

Summer new neighbor come over for dinner and she finds out that her neighbor is no other that.... one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what will summer do???? She doesnt like one direction! find out in: my new neighbor.


6. chapter 6

nialls pov (switch it up a little)

summer ran out and shocked all of us. then, everyone looked at aria. 

"what?" she asks

"how do i ask her out??!!" i say, oviously

"ohhhhh, that. well, she has always wanted some one to sing her a song, one of your songs. she always felt like it would be nice for someone to sing what makes you beautiful or something, just because of the lyrics. she also has always wanted a dog, to be able to meet you, and uh, car." she explains in one breath. 

"thats a lot. but, we can pull it off. aria, keep summer busy for 5 hours. meet us at the lake at 6, okay? dont let her come over." louis says, getting up from the table. he walks out the door, looks around, and comes back in. "you guys were supposed to come with!" he whines. we all laugh and go our seporate ways.

*5 hours later* (a/n sorry i skipped a lot but it would ruin the suprise if i didnt!)

summers pov

"aria, where are you taking me?" i whine, not knowing why aria shoved me in the car.

"we are going to a place on earth." she responds, dumbly

i huff and wait about 15 more minutes until the car parks in the street. i look out my window and see the lake, with a picnic blanket and rose pedals. aria shoos me out of the car and i slowly go down by the blanket. i finally make it down the steep hill and stand by the blanket. i hear the music for what makes you beautiful and tear up as niall comes out of the brush with a guitar. he starts to sing what makes up beautiful and i blush, listening to the angelic voice of niall horan. a few minutes later the song stops and niall whistles. louis, liam, and harry come out of the brush with a tiny chocolate lab in louis hands. i gasp as the dog runs to me. i put him up and smile at the boys. niall gets down on his knee, holds up keys and looks me in the eyes.

"will you, summer, be my girlfriend?" he asks, never looking away from my green eyes, making my eyes look in his sea blue eyes. 

"YES! yes, yes, yes!" i exclaim, gently putting my dog down, i hug niall but end up tackling him as he was still on his knees. we laugh and i kiss him, taking everyone by suprise, even myself. one we are up i pick up my dog, who im naming lou (its a girl), and taking the keys from nialls hands. niall leads me up to my new car, and drives me home. this has been an amazing night. 

a/n sorry for spelling mistakes but i personaly can relate to this, as i have always wanted a dog, ect. not sure about a car though... i hope you liked it! its close to the end!!!!! i know its short but i might do a squeal, depending on if you guys want this one to have a squeal or my cousin and my secrets. so commeny away, follow me on instagram (@swainey.alayna) and yah!

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