my new neighbor

Summer new neighbor come over for dinner and she finds out that her neighbor is no other that.... one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what will summer do???? She doesnt like one direction! find out in: my new neighbor.


4. chapter 4

okay guys, im freaking out. 298 followers!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!! srsly? i was like, ' no! omg,this is AWESOME!' so i wanted to thank you guys and tell you that... i will publish a draft i have that is a cover (hahahaha in the blurb it doesnt say that cause im still looking for the name of the book, forgot it...)  and yah. BUT (yes, there is a catch) i need 300 followers to do it. Sooooo to those people who dont have an account (i used to not have one, it sucked. but now i do & i LOVE it!) get one and follow me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all the love,

alayna tommo

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