my new neighbor

Summer new neighbor come over for dinner and she finds out that her neighbor is no other that.... one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what will summer do???? She doesnt like one direction! find out in: my new neighbor.


2. chapter 2

Summers POV

i woke up to aria jumping on me. 

"WAKE UP WAKE UP WAAAAAKKKKEEEEE UUUUUPPPPP" she yelled, jumping on me. i sat up and she sat down. she smiled at me and i slapped her. 

"Dont jump on me ever again!" i was tired and grumpy. 

"sorrrrrrrry crabby pants. i just couldnt sleep cause, ONE DIRECTION MOVED NEXT DOOR!!!!!!!" she fangirled. i looked at my alarm clock and rolled my eyes. 

"no wonder im crabby! you woke me up at freaking 7 o'clock!" i got up and fixed my hair.  aria did too and then we got dressed. she got in some jean shorts, cause it is gonna 80 today. (a/n it really is!!!!! im sooo happy!) she also put on a blue top that said HOLLISTER in white letters. i put on some jean shorts and a shirt that said, ' you mess with my friends you mess with me' in red letters. it also had a fist on it. we both let our hair down and brushed. we are the same size and have the same style so we shared clothes and stuff like that. we put on deordorant  and  our moment purfume, by one direction. 

yah, i like it, dont judge. we went down stairs and walked outside, skipping breakfast. we walked to one directions house, well, aria dragged me, and aria rang the doorbell. when no one came 30 sec later i said, "their probaly not up at 7:30 am, aria." she laughed and knocked. 

"COMING!!!!!!!" some one yelled. 

"its Liam!" aria squealed. i shushed her by smaking her upside the head and then Liam opened the door. he smiled. 

"Come in, come in!" he welcomed. we said thanks and looked into the house. I wonder how all four of them slept in this house, it only had 3 rooms.  Liam called all the boys and soon aria was freaking out, again, as all 4 boys stood in front of us. 

"LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!! SUMMER, TRUTH OR DARE???" louis screamed. 

"truth!" i sat down like the rest of them. louis put his hand on his chin, like he was thinking. 

"tell me the truth, do you, or do you not, have a boyfriend?" he asked. 

"i do." i told him. all the boys looked sad, well, louis and niall did, but aria nudged me. "i was lying, i dont." i say. louis and niall look up and smile. GREAT. *note the sarcasm*

"LOUIS! truth or dare!" i yell, having fun. louis thinks and all eyes are on him. 

"TRUTH" he yells, sounding out EVERY single sound. 

"tell me the truth, HOW ARE YOU SOOOO LOUD AT FREAKING 7:40 AM???" i scream, being as loud as him. every one laughs but louis has a strait face. "i honestly dont know." he states we are all silent until he starts laughing. we all go into laughing fits until louis says, "NIALL truth OR dare???!!!" he yells, in MY EAR! i give him a glare and he smirks. 

"DARE!" niall yells back, in MY EAR. did i mention the circle order goes me,louis,liam,harry,aria,niall,me? im in between louis and niall, so much fun. 

"i dare you to...... KISS SUMMER!" louis yells, again in my ear

niall looks at me and i nod, knowing that i would regret this. he leans in and so do i, making our lips touch. he kisses me and i kiss back. we pull apart and smile, going back to the game. 

A/N whoooo! chapter 2!!!!! hope you like it!!!!!

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