the life of ivy James Lotus Lily Black

this story takes place in 2 generations after harry potter and with harry potter in this story Ginny Wesley is ron weasley's twin sister. hope you like it thx :) and this is my very 1st time writing a story so feedback plz


1. All about me- yes no questioner

Yes, my name is Ivy James Lotus Lily Black. No i am not Sirus Black's daughter. Yes I am a mud blood. No I am not friends or enemy's with the Wesley family. Yes I am an orphan. No I am not a bossy know it all. Yes I am best friends  with Ginny Wesley and Draco Malfoy. No I am not in Slytherin even though i'm awsomley evil. Yes I was adopted by Bellatrix Lestrange. No I am not in harry potters time but after his kids time. Yes I am in grifindor. Yes I was crused back in time. No I was not named after harry potters parents. Yes I love to read. No I'm not veela. Yes i can play many instatements. No prof. snape does not despise me. No I am not popular. Yes I get teased, bullyed, and picked at, you probabley gessed, before i came to hogwarts i was a lonner.   

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