The Girl in the Castle


1. Blood

Cold. Hurt. Alone. He walked in misery towards the end of his life. What was he searching for? That he had forgotten over the course of getting there. He stumbled and limped closer and closer to death. A branch made him take his fall and he knew that when he hits the cold of the ground, his life would end, just as fast as it started.

But just before he took his last breath he saw a face. The face of his only loved one left in the world. His beloved daughter that he had left behind for a reason he could not realize for all the money in the world.
Her eyes, that were as blue as the sky and glimmering as the night.
Her hair, like the beautiful color of Chalcopyrite and swaying like waves in the ocean.
Everything about her was truly beautiful. How could he have let all that go?
The answer was never given. Since just after he remembered. He closed his eyes, never to be opened again.

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