Willow lived in a world where every month the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water,attacked her hometown. During one of the attacks she touches the fire and gets transported to a different world and time. But she's not alone. She is there with the others consumed by the elements. Can she make it back before its too late


1. Chapter 1

I don't know what to do anymore.

How can anybody live like This?

Every time I rebuild my home it gets burned down.

Every time I almost die and it's not worth it.

Right now my hometown is flooded and it's still raining!

I'm sorry I forgot to properly introduce myself. I'm Willow.

Willow Trueheart.

My hometown gets attacked by the four elements, earth, air, water and fire. Every time me and the very few survivors attempt to rebuild New York, there are severe earthquakes, heavy winds then it rains so hard it floods. Then comes the worst of all, fire occurs. This happens every month and nobody knows why or how to stop it.

I want it all to end.

We elected people to help us get through this. Now they draw six random men who live in California to help us get through the elements attack. Most times only four or five people return. I've been sitting on my bed waiting for them.

So far it seemed everyone survived the earthquakes and the winds. But most times people do. Both of my parents died almost 2 years ago due to the earthquakes. My mother was by the lake,when the earthquake happened, she had fallen in and drowned.

My dad was in a coal mine. His job was to provide coal for the town. But The underground collapsed and he was still inside. I've been alone ever since.

Ever since my parents died, I only love and trust two people. Matt and Zeke.

Matt is my best friend. We've been friends since we were 6 years old. We met in a shelter. Both of our homes were getting burnt and soaked,but not at the same time.

Both of our famines were evacuated so we both went to The Shelter and we’ve been friends for 11 years now.

The only other person I love is Zeke. We have been dating for a few years. Matt introduced us.

We've always fantasized about one day getting married. We would always just day dream together about a perfect life we could have.

Running away together, to a place where the elements didn't try to kill us. We would get married and have children. And life would be perfect. But now he's been chosen to fight the elements.

Both of them have, And I don't know if they will come back.

That thought scares me.

All Of a sudden I hear footsteps. I realize that tears were rolling down my face but I wiped them off before whoever walked in noticed.

I hoped it was Matt and Zeke.

But I was wrong.

It was the other guys who fought the elements. I look and see Dylan, Chris, Alex and Elijah but didn't see Matt or Zeke.

"Where are Matt and Zeke,"I asked.

Alex shook his head. Chris said,

"They were so brave. They were putting out the fire, but as soon as they touched it, it seemed as they just-just vanished," he stammered,

" and we never saw them again."

Dylan came in, “We search for hours, but we had to leave before dark. I'm sorry Willow."

I felt my eyes get watery and my face get hot. I ran away until I was out of breath.

I had no idea where I was when I stopped running.

Then I saw a spark.

And it grew.

And grew.

I wanted to run, but I just stood there mesmerized by the fire. It wasn't like the fire I was used to seeing every month when the elements attacked. It was brighter. Harsher. It kept growing until it was near me. As soon as it touched me, my vision became hazy. Then all I saw was black.

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