They think I'm mad. They think I'm out of my mind. But it isn't true. I can see them, those demons in the dark. I can see ghosts, and shadows. They are real, I can see them, feel them, hear them. I thought they were my friends. Then they placed me here, in a mental hospital. They think I'm mad. But it is a reality, not just a movie playing forevermore in my mind. Help.


2. Mike

I had fainted. I knew, because when I woke up again, I didn't feel well-rested. Also, I had a headache. Probably because my head was bleeding, actually.

It was brighter now, and the workers were at my door. I could hear the keys twisting in the door.

I ran straight to the door before one of my demons could grab me again.

I saw the workers through my peep-hole in the door. Four of them, they all jumped back. I stuck my hand through the hole and tried to grab them.

"Please," I sobbed, "Help me, before they get me. HELP!"

One of them opened the door and the two at the back jumped at me. One of them picked me up and the other covered my mouth, and wrapped his hands around my hands, legs and around my throat.

Then they both ran over to the chair in the corner, still carrying me, flung me onto the ground beside it, and tied my hands to the legs of the chair so that I couldn't move.

Then one of them tied up my legs, and I don't know why, but they also tied a piece of the rope tightly around my throat, whilst the other sat on the chair so that I couldn't drag it anywhere.

The two other men who hadn't done anything to me yet closed the door and stepped in. One of them, who looked like a new worker, was holding a drink in a flask and some mashed potato. I hated mashed potato and they knew it, but a mental hospital is a place of torture of all kinds.

Slowly they walked towards me and bent down in front of me. My demons were laughing in the opposite corner of the room.

"Shhh..." The new worker who was holding the food whispered, "Shh now, alright? Here is your food-" He swiftly nodded to the other worker, who pounced on me, loosened the rope around my neck, and held me tight, holding my head up to the ceiling. The worker with the food placed the huge plate of mashed potato on my bottom lip, and scraped the whole meal into my mouth with the fork. I coughed and coughed, but the man that had tied my wrists and legs together, started yelling "GET IT DOWN YOUR THROAT! C'MON!"

So, as I was crying, I did. I tried to chew and swallow. After what seemed like hours to me, he stopped scraping the food into my mouth and the other man let go of my head, the other stopped shouting, and the other released his legs from on my shoulders.

They all relaxed and let me sit quietly for a moment or two.

"It is a shame such a pretty girl is so mad," The new worker said.

"Yeah, a real shame,"

I coughed twice and then looked at the new worker right in the eye and shook my head, "I'm not ma-"

"SHE NEEDS WATER!" The one that always shouts shouted, covering my mouth with his hands.

The new worker nodded, and took the shouter's hand away from my mouth. I don't know what happened, but the new worker didn't seem very scared of me anymore. He slowly placed the flask on my bottom lip, like before, but this time, poured the water into my mouth slowly, carefully and gently.


"Stop, Ben," Mike said softly, "She is a human being, okay? I will do it gently and carefully, just as I would like her to do to me, if I was in her place," and he continued to give me the water, taking breaks every now and then, to let me swallow.

Then he stopped, and they all untied the ropes around my legs, throat and arms. The other three left quickly, but Mike stayed.

"There is still some water in this, okay?" he told me, placing the flask on the chair, "In case you get thirsty,"

Then he helped me onto my feet. He was actually treating me like a normal human being!

"Thank you, Mike," I smiled.

He was a bit shocked at me speaking.

I hugged him tightly and then let him go. If I kept him here and told him about the demons that kill me, he might treat me differently.

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