The Secret One

One planet, a population of approximately 9 billion, one evil leader. Each year everyone faces possible danger to the leader named Crimson Loren. A young man however, remains unknown to the leader, making his life harder due to narrow escapes of his secret existence. Getting caught can pose a serious punishment, but as long as he's careful, there will be no harsh punishment.


9. Time in a capsule

Light came back to my eyes, I suddenly found myself lying in my bed. Just a moment ago, I was sitting in my chair, everything in front of me blackened. I rubbed my eyes from exhaustion, and checked the time. The time was 3:33 AM, November 18th. The year was back to normal, so I thought I must have woken up from a very realistic dream. I immediately remembered the look Havoc had in his eyes, the way he ran across the room as well. I looked over at Havoc's usual seating spot. He was there, sitting and watching me as I slept. Like he always does. He has this strict rule of protecting me while I sleep. My fingers reached for my light blue lamp, that sat atop a nightstand beside my bed. After I lit the room up with the lamp, I sat up in bed with this horrible head ache. The kind of head ache that makes your temples throb every single time you walk. "Damn.." I started massaging my right temple, but that didn't ease the pain. "What's wrong?" I knew Havoc would ask me that. "A horrible head ache. Feels like my temples have mini atomic bombs filled with pain in them." 

"Here, let me try to help the pain." Havoc took his robotic thumb, pressed it against my right temple, and made a vibration motion. My head ache went away thank goodness. 

"So, did you sleep good?" He asked, twiddling his thumbs. It looked like a nervous tic. 

"Yeah, but I had this very very odd dream. It was two years into the future. Your left eye was extra bright, and you were very nervous about something and wouldn't tell me what was going on. You asked me if I thought you had something to do with it." Havoc nodded, before sitting down beside me. 

"It wasn't a dream." Havoc admitted. "I accidentally dropped something. I had everything to do with what happened, but I fixed it." I looked very confused, but I was becoming freaked out. "What do you mean it wasn't a dream? How can I just wake up and that really happened?" Havoc explained furthermore after my endless questions. "I invented..something that I call Time Capsules. I can write down a specific date, generate it inside of this..machine that I built. Once generated, the capsules come out in a tiny little bottle. I grab them, simply label the year on it, and it becomes permanent of what year the little capsule ingredient shall be." My mind was blown at this point. I couldn't believe what he was saying. 

" you're telling me..that you can create time in a tiny bottle and capsule?" Havoc nodded. "Yeah. It takes experiences of different people in this world, and generates it to become what happens years from now. It also takes particles from..well..the machine that Crimson built." A machine that Crimson built? What? "What do you mean a machine that he built?" I asked. "I'll tell you about it some other time..its rather difficult to explain, man. But you're pretty smart. I'm sure you'd understand. Look, last night..I dropped a time capsule on the ground. It spilled, so it time sped us into two years later. It's good that I didn't drop the year that's thirty years from now. We'd be stuck in this basement forever, or you'd be some creepy old guy that would have scared the shit out of me." His comment made me laugh, but that explains why last night happened. Why it was a different year, and why Havoc was so nervous to be upfront and honest with me right off the bat. "That's a helluva an invention you made there. But why did you invent it?" Havoc didn't even have to think of a response to my question for not even a second. "I invented it to see where we would be in the future. To see if the world will still be corrupt. I also invented it in case we get in trouble, we can just use a capsule that takes us back to the past. After I realized I messed up, I ran to the capsule that was labeled "November 18th, 3:33 AM, Sunday.", and I quickly busted the capsule open, so that we would be back to the correct date." I stopped and remembered the date that our parents died. I wondered if Havoc can make us travel back, and we could save them. I'll ask him about that..soon. 

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