The Secret One

One planet, a population of approximately 9 billion, one evil leader. Each year everyone faces possible danger to the leader named Crimson Loren. A young man however, remains unknown to the leader, making his life harder due to narrow escapes of his secret existence. Getting caught can pose a serious punishment, but as long as he's careful, there will be no harsh punishment.


6. The escapist

Roses are red

Violets are dead

I'm sick in the head

All I see is red

Everyone else sees blue

The bullet flew

Among the survivors were very few

I stood atop the dead body of him

I smiled happily, knowing he's in hell.


The small silver pen shuffled between my fingers, I began tapping the desk with it. My eyes gazed upon the poem I wrote, about killing Crimson. Who would blame me? "Huh." Havoc was behind me, this time he was watching what I wrote. "You're a little hot head aren't you? Do you know what kind of trouble you'd be in if they found you and this poem at the same time?" I spun around quickly to face him. Anger has been building up inside of me for a couple of months, it started when my parents died. Adrenaline rushed through me, going down to my legs. I kicked Havoc away from me. The force of my kick made him land on the ground pretty far away. "What the fuck was that for? Huh?" Havoc had a hurt look in his eyes towards me. He may be a robot, but he has the ability to feel physical pain. I felt a little bit guilty, but brushed it off. "I thought I told you not to be nosy and look at what I write. What I write is my business, and that's that. You are beginning to act like you're my parents, when you're not. I know you're supposed to protect me. Staying in this room for twenty something odd years is starting to make me slightly go insane." Havoc clenched his left knee, the one that I kicked. "I was only making a comment out of concern for you, cause I care. If you don't want me to care, then fine, I won't. I'm going to go upstairs and we are to not talk to each other for a while if you're going to be like this." I turned around to my desk again, so I can ignore him. Thoughts began to run in my head, intrusive ones, to be specific. "Havoc hates me. I just want to slam my head into this desk over and over so that the only time this planet knows of my existence, is when they find my dead body. All I do is ruin shit, its a wonder why he's ignoring me now, because I kicked him." I gripped my hair tightly, once the thoughts became too much to handle. To make everything worse, I heard Havoc walking upstairs, out of our basement bedroom. I looked at the blank, white, empty wall in front of me as I sat there. Why does Havoc get the honors of being able to leave this room? He's a robot for crying out loud. My hands slid off of my desk, so my leg began to shake fast up and down. I moved away from my desk, finally fed up with the way this room looks. I've always wondered what the password to get out of this room was. I paced myself back and forth, staring at the metal door that lead to the outside world. I halted and stood there for what seemed like forever, but I decided to bang on the door as hard as I could. I smirked as a sly little idea came to mind. Frantically knocking, I screamed out for Havoc. "HAVOC! HELP! JUST IGNORE WHAT I DID EARLIER, I CAN'T BREATHE! YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME! I think this is a panic attack!" I stopped knocking once I heard Havoc running to the door as fast as he possibly could. I put my back flat against the wall, next to the door that he was going to open. Havoc was now at the door, the noises of the pass code was inches away from my ear. I could hear him panicking, and at last, he finally got the door opened. He didn't notice me in the dark, against the wall. He ran down the steps, the door was beginning to close, but I grabbed it with my hand before it closed shut. Havoc looked around the room for me. "Where are you Silen!?" I laughed, before I answered him. "Right here." I said with an evil smile. "What are you doing?!" I ran out of the door, before Havoc could grab me. I got outside of the door for the first time in my life, and I stared at the password box.


The background of the password input was blue, the box was black. Havoc was knocking on the door in intense anger, I never heard his voice yell so loud before, as I did today. "SILEN! SILEN! I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS FOR DOING THIS IF I GET YOU!" I blocked his voice out, and I hit the "reset password" button. I began to think of some random numbers for the new code. On the other side of this door, I could hear Havoc trying to unlock the door with his special abilities, or whatever you want to call them. He failed to do so, because I had already reset the password. My eyes gazed in awe of everything around me. Colors I haven't seen before. I was very scared to be standing in this kitchen, but hell, if a guard walked through this house right now, I don't mind living my last moments seeing something I've never seen before. I remember turning around, and my heart skipped. My hair stood on the back of my neck, as my eyes stared down the barrel of a shotgun. A guard found his way into my home, and I immediately held my hands up. The sound of a shotgun going off made me jump wide awake in my bed. Panting, I stared at the ceiling above me, thinking that I got knocked out by the guard somehow. I checked my body for shotgun wounds, and I ran to my desk to see if I could find the poem I wrote. Havoc was sitting in his chair, watching me move frantically around the room. "Hey slow down Secret." I looked at him annoyingly because of the new nickname he gave me for today, and I thought he was still angry at me. "I thought you were going to start ignoring me." He had a sudden look of confusion. "What? You must have been dreaming. I mean, you were moving pretty badly and scratching yourself in your sleep. I had to stop you a few times." I stopped and part of me was relieved that it was just a dream, but another part of me wanted to get out of this room again. "What I saw in the dream..the kitchen was beautiful..the living room was huge..and the sun shines bright through the cracks of the window shades." Havoc put his hand on my shoulder sympathetically. "So you dreamed of the house and being free, huh?" He never understood dreams, because he never experienced it, but he knew what they were. He knew that us humans deal with them sometimes. "Yeah.." I avoided eye contact and then flopped down into my writing chair. I kinda laughed nervously, and bit my lip as I further talked about my dream. "I uh..I also kicked the shit out of you. You got mad and began to ignore me." Havoc put his hand on his left knee, just like in the dream, and began to act silly. " damn leg." I laughed at his randomness, but it was creepy that he gripped the same exact leg that I kicked in the dream. He tried to lighten the mood. "Hey, how about..we come up with a plan to kill this guy?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "How are we gonna get out of here secretly? We don't even know where he's located. We can't kill this idiotic leader Crimson guy." Havoc shook his head in doubt of what I was saying. "I do know where he is. Dad told me." I sat in thought, and nodded. "Well then..maybe we can take him out somehow. I've always wanted to kill him and just.." Havoc put his stupid hand over my mouth to hush me. He knew that my words would get severely violent, because of my awful anger and resentment. This plan scares me, but if Havoc goes with me, I won't be so as much. 

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