From My Mind

"My life is so much more interesting in my head."

Stories, quotes, dreams, songs, and thoughts that all come from my mind. There is no way through it, but I live in it... my imagination that is. It come up with nonsense and I welcome it like a friend.


4. The Yellow Boat

I know everything is suppose to be from my mind, but this is not. I have a reason, this one act play was so beautiful and sad I broke down sobbing. The song sounded like this.


Beuskinma conflict kettle fall (I don't know what they said but it sounds like this)

There sailed three boats from the harbor,

The first was blue.

Second was red, 

The third was the color of the sun.


Beuskinma conflict kettle fall 

There sailed three boats from the harbor,

The blue carried hope,

The red carried faith,

The yellow filled itself with love.


Beuskinma conflict kettle fall   

The blue came back,

The red came back,

And the yellow boat sailed straight out to the sun.

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