He put a hand on his chin before saying "Interesting". He looked at me a few more seconds then he stomped off hastily around the corner and out of sight.

Willow constantly gets bullied by Everett and she's used to it but when and new bully comes to town and tries to bully her as well because she's an easy target he suddenly stands up for her. What suddenly caused this drastic change in him?


9. Chapter 8

Willow's POV


To Brinley 12:37 pm - Hey watcha doin Brin?

   To Brinley 12:42 pm - I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to come over and hang out today

    To Brinley 12:58 pm- We could watch movies or go do something else if you wanted to...

    From Brinley 1:30 pm- Sorry I can't I'm hanging out with Ivana. I'll see you on Monday. 

    It's been like this since the first day Ivana showed up. Brinley is always hanging out with her nonstop. Every time I try to make plans with her she bails on me. I still haven't figured out why Ivana hates me so much either.                   Everyday she's constantly giving me death glares just like on Thursday in math. As I ponder that my stomach growls. 
    I make my way downstairs to get a snack. When i'm in looking in the cupboards for something to eat I hear the front door open. Soon enough my mom walks into the kitchen. She looks exhausted. She has huge dark circles under her eyes and she doesn't have her usual pep.
   "Hey mom. What are you doing home I thought that you were staying until 10 tonight" she sets her stuff down on the table and takes a seat. 
    "I was but I'm so stressed. With the opening coming soon and worrying and hoping that everything will run smoothly. So I decided to take the weekend off" 
"I'm glad you did, you needed it. You've been working way too hard. I'm sure everything will go fantastically for the opening." I move around the corner and move in front of her wrapping her In a huge hug. We stay there for a minute before we pull away. 
"How about we watch a movie? I have been dying to see The Scorch Trails."
"Sure I'll get the food you set up the movie and get some blankets." I say. She heads off to the living room and I stay in the kitchen. I'm so happy that she's home. We haven't spent time together in forever. She's really been overworking herself too. Sometimes I don't hear her come home till 11 at night. 
I quickly make the popcorn and grab some m&ms. When I reach the living room mom is already set up on the couch snuggled up in the blankets. 
I sit on the couch and hand her one of the bowls of popcorn. "Alrighty let's start the movie". I press play and the movie starts. 
When Dylan O'Brien first shows up on the screen I get super excited. I mean come on who doesn't love him. 
"God he's so hot" mom chuckles at me shaking her head. "As if you've never had a crush on a celebrity" I say to her. 
"No you're right I have." 
"Well tell me who" she hesitates before responding. 
"Patrick Swayze. Back in the day he hot. Just look at him in Dirty Dancing. Whoo!" I burst out laughing. 
    We watch the rest of the movie in silence. When it's over I glance over and see that she's asleep. I turn off the tv and pick pick up the trash throwing it away. Lastly I go back into the living room covering her up with the blanket. I really needed this.


    The next day at school I get excited because I finally get to see Brinley. I head to the cafeteria to meet up with her. When I walk in I see her at out usual booth but there's someone else there. 
   Ivana. What is it with this girl she's everywhere. I continue our walk over there and sit down next to Brinley. 
   "Hey Brin" she smiles at me.
    "Hey. Ok so now is the time for introductions. Willow this is Ivana and Ivana Willow." Ivana smiles at me. 
    "Hi it's so nice to meet you Brinley has told me so much about you." I'm left dumbstruck. Why is she being so nice to me? After all of those dirty looks and how she purposely tripped me. 
   "Um yeah it's nice to meet you too" After introductions were made Brin starts talking about random things with Ivana and I don't want to be here anymore. 
    "I think I'm gonna head to class I have some homework to finish up real quick I'll see you later" 
    "Hey wait up I'll come with you since we have the same class and all." Ivana scoots out of the booth and follows after me. We don't talk but head out of the cafeteria and into the halls. 
    We pass the library and suddenly she pulls me into a deserted computer lab. She shoves me up against a wall and and glares at me.
   "What's so special about you huh? You just seem like a bitchy little girl to me. There's nothing great about you." She pulls me off the wall and flings me on the floor. God damn how strong is this girl!? 
    "Stop why are you doing this" I scream at her. She just ignores me. 
    "Your weak" she kicks my stomach. 
    "Stupid" punches my face. 
    "Prissy" lifts my head and slams it into the ground. 
     I think this is the most pain I've ever experienced. I haven't had Everett's usual beatings and I've gotten used to not being hurt.  Im so hurt from her blows I can't fight back anymore not that I was putting up much of a fight. 
    I feel on the verge of passing out when the door bursts open. I glance over and see that's it's Everett. I groan. Yay now he can join in as well! 
    But he doesn't. He rushes over and pushes her off of me. She flies into some chairs and cries out. She gets up and charges at him. They throw multiple punches and kicks at each other and I can't keep up. Soon enough Ivana kicks out her leg and trips Everett. He falls to the floor and she sprints out of the room before he can compose himself. 
He kneels next to me and pulls my head onto his lap. "How bad is it?" He asks me brushing my hair back from my face. 
"I-I just wanna sleep". I can barely keep my eyes open. I can feel the weight of sleep dragging me down. 
"No don't go I sleep yet I'm gonna take you somewhere and get you checked out. You've gotta stay awake." He starts to pick me up and I wince. We walk out of the computer lab and put the front doors of the school. 
"I don't think I can stay awake much longer" I tell him. He looks down at me as he sets me down in the back of his car with guilt. 
"It won't be that much longer." He slams the car door shut and runs around front and gets in the driver seat. 
I try to fight the sleep but the rocking of the car lulls me to sleep. The last thing I see is Everett's face looking back at me worriedly.

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