Ethan's secret

so this is my first story ever:
imagine you fall in love with the high school heart throb,Ethan Dolan..
But what you soon discover after is that he wants more than that,but will you end up falling for his games or will you finally learn what true love is?



♡~day of presentation~♡

~jasmines pov:


Today is the day of the big presentation!We've actually worked really hard for this(kinda)so i hope we get at least an A.Last night was amazing,but if my mom heard me she would've drowned me then and there.Speaking of my mom, now that she is home,i wont be able to go out as much and see Ethan,but ill figure something out.She had earned a lot  of money this weekend(five grand)and promised to take me on a shopping trip if i get decent grades.  Anyway,i figured i should get ready so i hopped in the shower and got changed and did my usual makeup but this  time i put i little more effort since the presentation is in front of the whole class and im being graded.No pressure.I kissed my mom goodbye,picked up an apple from the fridge and left.The drive was real quiet and kinda relaxing since it was so early.


I began going over the presentation in the library,i was only worried about doing it in front of other people.By the time i was finished it was 8am,so I decided to text Emma and Jessica


Me~"hey where are you guys?"

Jessica~"on our way to school,meet us outside the gates in 10 minutes"

Emma~"Make that 20 minutes,i want some starbucks"

Jessica~"What?!No we're gonna be late and i'm in the same car as you why are we texting?"


Jessica~"See you in twenty Jasmine<3"

~Jessica and Emma are now offline~

Well that was really interesting.I began collecting my materials and putting them in my bag when the lights turned off.I was the only one in here,right?Thats when someone wrapped their arms around my waist and pulled me closer to them so that their groin was up against my ass.Get me out of here.I pushed away and reached for my bag when they pulled me in even closer."Shhh.."i couldn't recognise their voice but made a run for the door.That's when i bumped into Ethan.He pulled me into an embrace and kissed my neck."Hey babe-"

"Please go look who is in the library,ill explain later"he nodded but had an confused expression on his face.

"Babe,no ones there"he chuckled and put his arm around me as we made our way to class.If only he knew..

Oh shit!I forgot to wait for Emma and Jessica.I bet they're late again..damn star bucks.

Ethan and I took our seats and began chatting when the teacher at the front of the class began talking

"Presentations are today!I hope you are all prepared."We were last on the list to do present and i wish we weren't since everyone had already began to lose interest.

"Jasmine and Ethan"i immediately began to blush but Ethan gave me a reasurring smile and squeezed my hand.Ethan began talking like we had practised and seemed super confident where as i probably looked like a scared rat in the corner."Now ill hand you to Jasmine.."I coughed and shuffled the papers around"Yes,well the data protection agency are clearly..""-clearly lacking  in positive reports and so therefore they are estimated to lose about 2.5 percent of their stock before christmas"i gulped"the solution is to employ more trusted associates and replace old firewalls for maximum safety of bank accounts and personal information"Ethan closed it off and in reality it didn't turn out to be that bad.The whole class clapped whilst the teacher write down our grades on a sheet of paper."You will get your grades next week,you are dismissed"the rest of the school day was boring but i knew it would be worth it because ill get to spend the rest of the day with Ethan.Just us.


"hey babe,do you wanna go to the beach?"he beamed at me.

"uhh sure,let me go home and get ready.

Inside i was exploding in excitement,i haven't been in absolutely ages.I rushed home, packed my bag with suncream,spare clothes a towel and an mp3.I shaved and put on a black swimsuit which had spagetti straps,a bit revealing but i had put a whitecrotchet dress over it.My mom still wasn't home so i left and met ethan at the  opening of the beach,he looked so fucking hot in the gleaming sun,i just wanted to have him then and there"Hey babe"his eyes examined my body and bit his lip~damn that was hot.He pulled me into him by the waist and we began searching for somewhere to put our stuff.Once we found a spot we both crumbled into the sand.He picked up the suncream from my bag and flipped me over he squirted some right onto my ass and began rubbing it in,harder each time.He then moved around the rest of my body,giving extra attention to each part by nestling kisses everywhere.I got up and rubbed the cream along his perfect abs,back and chest~damn. Can we just lie here together and forever?

Suddenly he threw me into the air bridal style and carried me to the coast."Eeeek Ethan,don't throw me in its so cold"i cried out.He grinned and sat down with me in the water.I hissed at the cold water but soon got used to it. We went in deeper and dived under waves together.A HUGE wave was approaching and Ethan's big green eyes were soon filled with worry.This scared me.In one movement he pulled me into him as tight as he possibly could and we both closed our eyes.Seconds later the wave smacked us so hard i nearly let go of Ethan,but he pulled me in closer .Under the bubbling,foamy water,it was chaos.Screams and rips literally seared through your ear,not to mention the scratchy sand tickling and leaving marks all over your pruny skin.

We ended back up on shore and began laughing our heads off.He had scratches from the debris and sand trying to protect me~aww. He looked down and gasped but began laughing again.I had lost my bikini top in the water."Ethan cover me, scratch that.Help me find it pleassee?"he ducked his head under water to get a better view and squeezed each boob."But i prefer you with out it"he winked but i gave him a death stare.He sighed and stumped through the water, looking for it.2 minutes later the beach was completely empty,except for another couple on the other side.I felt Ethan yank down my bikini bottoms~i was completely nude.

"ETHAN"I whisper shouted,but instead of replying, he sat me down on his  torso and threw me onto my back behind a massive stone.He pulled down his trunks and without even thinking my legs pulled him into me.He reached for a condom but i stopped him,"Im on the pill"he smiled and immediately began thrusting into me.This felt completely different and new,skin on skin felt even better.He began to moan and his finger trailed down and began to rub  hard circles on my clit.I was sent to a euphoria and orgasmed. Ethan did too and didn't stop fucking me,even his finger began to press harder,which made me orgasm again~ oh god

"I love you Jasmine,i think that may have been our best and by the way,i untied your bikini top"he chuckled.

"Im up for a round two..In the water this time"


~sorry this one is kinda crap guys haha

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