What is Break Stereotypes

Here's some more info about this.


1. about this project

The aim of this project is to help spread the awareness of how stereotypes can negatively affect people who don't even act like their stereotypes. There are many predefined stereotypes that negatively portray races/cultures and it isn't right. Hopefully this project with help people realise they are more than a stereotype and encourage them to break the mould and be different.


How can I support this?

It's quite easy, all you have to do is simply add the hashtag #BreakStereotypes on your profile. You can also add it as a tag on your book or upcoming book if any of your characters break their stereotype. Please don't tag your book with it if it doesn't do this.


What are the specifications for my book?

As long as any of your characters despite their role in your book or the genre you write breaks their predefined stereotype then it's fine and you can be added to our public reading list. Here are some examples, your character might be Asian and dumb, because Asians are stereotyped to be smart. Or your character might be blonde and smart.


If you have anymore questions just ask :)

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