Bound to Fall (an Undertale Story)

I'm Shyla and can I ask you a question. Have you seen Frisk? If you have please tell me, she ran away while I was babysitting her and now I have to go find her. So if you have, tell me.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1



Really, just really Frisk. You just had to go and run off. Sorry, let me introduce myself, since this is kinda mine and Frisk’s story. I’m Shyla, Shyla Somstrom and I babysit Frisk. Whenever I watch her, she would tell me about these monsters that, how would I say this, like imaginary friends I guess.

The monsters are, Toriel which is goat mom, Papyrus which is the hero, Sans which is his brother and is lazy and chilled back, Dr.Alphys which is the smart one and she loves anime, Asgore which is Toriel’s husband, and then their son, Asriel which is her favorite friend.

The setting of the place is at a mountain named Mt. Ebott. We would always talk about all the monsters and play games with them, well she plays games with them, I try to play games with her. The last time I babysat her, she asked me if we could go to Mt. Ebott and I keep saying no, and she keep getting mad at me, then she she got so made that she shouted “Fine, I’ll just go somewhere I’m welcomed!” And she left. She’ll come back, Right.

The next week, I went back to Frisk’s home to watch her, like every Wednesday. I knocked on the door, no answer, I knocked again, again no answer. Then a red pickup truck dorve into the driveway, Frisk’s parent’s truck. They explained to me that Frisk didn’t show up after I left. Now I feel bad. “I’ll go find Frisk.” And without them saying another word, I ran off. So now let’s get back to the present and continue on.

“Frisk, Frisk, where are you Frisk?” I keep yelling seeing if she could hear me, no luck. Wait, she said that she’ll go somewhere that she’s welcome… I’m such an idiot. I know where to look.

It was very cold, even more since i'm climbing up this mountain. I know it’s told that no one returns, but I need to find Frisk. All I was doing was walking, then I fall down this deep hole. Well, this is it for me. Then I’m out cold. I woke up with hearing the word “Howdy.”

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