Lucius maraud

The life of an average student girl from Stonton, a small town somewhere, has not had any interesting stray from the routine for years. University is boring her out and it didn't seem to give her any meaning. Although not unhappy with her life, she secretly hopes for a turn about, yet not as significant one as she would get.


1. Meet Lara

  Waking up was never easy for anyone, but for Lara it would feel as if being stabbed with a rusty nail by every *beep* of her phone's alarm clock. "Have to get up for another stupid class" she thought to herself moments before going the bathroom to clean her face. She found herself facing the mirror thinking "Do I clean my teeth today? I'm not gonna kiss anyone so why waste time?". Sarah stayed there for like two minutes thinking about it, but decided to wash them after a cup of hot beverage.

There are benefits to living on a rent forty minutes from school and 3 hours from home, like getting up whenever you want for a cup of milk during the night without being concerned about waking up anyone. Her apartment was mostly clean if you ignore the desk and the sink, filled by whatever they should be filled with - books and dishes, luckily in that order. Her computer was clean, the TV was dusty and the couch had no chips on it. Every item but the ones for the need of food and work were untouched. Lara reflected on that thought for a second and said to herself "Is my life supposed to be work? Wow, deep morning shit Lara. Get it together. You'll have to talk to people in probably less then two hours, they wouldn't want to hear your crap. Shut up Lara. No, you shut up." 

During that inner rap battle she managed to make herself a coffee, grab one of the two remaining cigarettes from her pack and sit on the worn up chair on the balcony. The sunrise was just about to come up right behind those boxlike living complexes her view was surrounded by. The girl was not an all time smoker but liked the sensation and the taste of destroying her body in the morning. She would say that the threat of something bad happening to the body would awaken it easier. 

Lara lit that fold of tobacco poorly and had to retry a couple of times to get it right, loosing a quarter of it just to start it up. The coffee was served in a plastic cup, perfect for closing the deal once the complicated process was over. The smoke was moving with the flow of air right back inside the apartment. The birds were swapping shifts as the night owls started to weigh less in number, and the early birds started to crowd the show. She had heard them before, singing in the night as if it were day, but without all the noise from humans. Sometimes she just wished she had to wake up at night to go to class, not at day.

The sunrise unfolded in front of her eyes. "Red is not quite my color, but I'm fine with the shades". Just after that transition into day there was that horrible moment in the morning that would freak Lara out, when the quiet of the morning turns into the sound of cars and pointless chatter. Lara didn't hate people. She only hated what they do, how they act, their product of work and the fact that she is one. Opposing to that her plan was to become a fully functioning adult by her graduation. Just like the rest of the people that inhabit this planet with the exception of few "I will look at cells and find nothing new for the rest of my life, and be payed for it. On the other hand if I find anything big I might be the new big thing."

She packed her bag and put on her yesterday clothes, turned off the electricals and went off to school. She walked a while before she got in the bus. Grabbed on. Arrived. Got off. Walked to the university. Had classes. Talked some stuff with her co-students. Grabbed food. Went home. Had food. Studied a lot. Cleaned her apartment, did a couple of jumping jacks then went to bed. "I love my life". She grabbed the pillow and went to sleep.

In the morning the alarm clock rang. "I hate my life". She turned it off, unplugged her phone of the charger, listened to some music on the balcony with the last remaining cigarette and a cup of coffee. Went to school, came home, bathed, then studied. Watched the new episode of Mirror in a Black Hole, then went to bed. 

In the middle of the night her doorbell rang. She opened her eyes for a second, then went back to sleep. The doorbell rang again. "What the fuck is happening" angrily said Lara, still halfway in dreamworld. The doorbell rang again, she got up to see what was going on. Nothing but the white shirt and her underwear covering her adorable body. Those jumping jacks have sure paid off. Cold was the night, but her lack of care was just enough to not make her cover up some more.

She opened the door. A small boy was standing in front of her. He was barefoot, dressed in his pajamas. Lara face-palmed, shaking her head and sighed. She kneed in front of him:

-Hello. What are you doing here so late. - she was actually really interested in the boy's answer, hoping not to be an abandonment story. After a small pause to let him response, which he didn't, because he was too busy looking around her apartment, Lara continued - Are you lost?
- Can you protect me from them? - the boy asked and really got the attention of Lara. Morning coffee was nothing compared to a boy in trouble. - The knights came into my home and killed mom and dad. I've been ringing on doorbells all morning to find someone.
-What? - she looked at him as if he was the host of "They'll believe it all" - Sweetie, are you sleepwalking? Come inside, let's not cause you a panic attack by waking you up.

Lara grabbed his hand and led him into the kitchen, closing the front door behind them. 

- I am not dreaming. - the light of the kitchen captured the boys face, covered in tear marks.

His eyes looked like the devil had tampered with them. He must had been crying for hours. The girl took a glass and filled it with cold water. She splashed the boy with it with a little smile on her face. Deep inside she was ignoring his whole story and thought he was just having nightmares while he slept all night and broke out of his parent's house. She was definitely the first doorbell he rang, just hadn't realized it yet.

- I.. *huh* TOLD YOU... *huh* I AM NOT... *huh* ASLEEP! - the boy yelled trying to not start full on crying, taking a breath after every burst of words he could conjure.

Lara's ability to ignore the boy's story was fading with each time she glimpsed at him. She got a towel and cleaned him up. Nothing in her expression gave the boy a clue she was actually frightened. She was, of course, a little startled by the story, she had just woken up after all, but the boy probably had some psychological issues, even though it didn't look like it. But how can you even tell something like that. She thought that whatever she said to him right there and then could probably lead to a solution of the problem. 

-I'm Lara, nice to meet you. We'll solve this problem together, okay? - she knew her stare into his eyes in that moment was as powerful as a promise so she knew there was not getting out of this situation, or getting any sleep, so she might as well say it - I promise.

The boy looked at her, surprised and angry at the way she was treating her.

-I am not a child. - it was like her rebellious child had started ganging up on her - Don't talk down on me, I' maybe only two or three years smaller than you. I can see that you do not believe me.

-Well, I certainly do understand the ways to body works, and that sometimes it can send images to our brain that come from inside the brain, not from the outside - gosh, was she stupid, she could barely understand what she was saying and the boy had no better chance of deciphering her crap - What I am trying to say is...

- I know what you are trying to do, I'm actually quite not as dumb as you think I am. - He looked her in the eyes as if he was ready to star fighting her to the death - Okay, sorry, maybe you are. I am Mark, and can you please stop being stupid for one second so I can explain.

The situation was going really out of hand. They were both in each other's throats, not going anywhere.

- Okay then, let's go check your apartment out too see the corpses of your dead parents - said Lara, instantly regretting what she had just done - Ow my gosh I am really sorry, but you know they are not really dead, right?

-Your window is open. - stated Mark.

-Sorry I'll close it - Lara moved her muscles preparing to reach the window, but was stopped by what Mark had to say.

-No, listen, you idiot.

Mark was  about to burst into tears again by what he had discovered, but his new found friend  didn't understand what he was saying. Mark didn't blink, staring at the open window.

-I hear nothing. - calmly said Lara.

-Exactly, there are no birds singing. - Mark revealed

-Birds do not sing during night time, darling.

Mark looked her in the eye with disapprove just as she remembered how each morning birds change places in the cables in between the houses, but she always thought that only day birds sing. She looked outside her window. There was nothing strange. Everything was quiet, although there were no birds singing.

-Let's check your apartment, to see you have nothing to worry about. - she looked at him, a little annoyed by the effect he achieved with that foolish story.

-No way, how do we know it's safe, there must be more of.... - tried to say Mark, but got interrupted by Lara, who actually tried to hide her pissed-off self.

-I said we're going.



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