1. My Story

Once the advanced Sophomores hit English, they quickly settled into their seats. I, Hazel Grace Patten, observed my surroundings and took the seat up front, smack dab in the center. Im a sophomore who takes advanced classes so some classes i'm with the Juniors. To my left was Paisley Harris. She was a very popular and beautiful Junior. Shes the type of girl, if you had to choose between a super model, you'd pick her. Im pretty sure a group if freshman's made a shrine in honor of Paisley! To my right was Cameron Dallas. One of the cutest Juniors I've ever seen in my life! He's a pretty famous you tuber, but i'm not sure id call him my favorite. Behind me seats Grayson Dolan. The hottest Junior ever! He's also a You tuber, along with his twin brother Ethan.

"Good morning class!" Ms. Yalk exclaimed. Shes the english teacher and is super nice and seems like shes fresh out if collage. "This year we have 3 Sophomores joining this class!" I knew shes gonna introduce me, so i cant embarrass myself on the first fuckin day! "Charlie Lap, Jessica Taber, and Hazel Patten." She told. We all stood up and faced the class. Paisley, Cameron, and Grayson glared at me. My stomach cramped and i felt like i was gonna hurl, but i didnt care its one year, how bad can it get?

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