Fire Betrayal

Roscoe, a crestfallen girl from slums ends up in a palace and falls in love with the prince but as she discovers love and her life in the palace with the prince she discovers she is not a ordinary girl, but a mistake never meant to happen. As she discovers herself, she suffers betrayal, she sacrifices a lot of things but is love one of them?. She is about to find out.
Awesome cover by Christina.H


1. Prologue.

Everywhere was the chaos related to War. People were being recruited everyday, Warriors were putting on their armors, armory refilled for the war that was about to shake the whole country and tear it apart into two. Betrayal and love drove Roscoe to such a extent that she opted for war as a better option for death. This war not only created difficulties, people were also forced to take side. Those unhappy with the present form of royalty sided with Roscoe and those content with it remained with King Henry.

Roscoe put on her armor with the help of one of the maids. Hair braided and wearing armor and boots Roscoe could not recognize the girl in the mirror. She looked clean and beautiful but deadly and fearsome. In just one month she changed beyond anyone could ever imagine. A crestfallen girl now a Elite and also called a warrior Princess by the people. Once she was the girl in the mob now she is the girl the mob follows. The hunted is now the hunter.

Roscoe was not afraid of dying anymore as others were, for her she had already died inside. She now had no place for feelings. She was like fire and devoid of water, devoid of love. She once again looked in the mirror to make sure that this was her. Roscoe loved sleeping, for it was a place where she could take over her worst fears but now she was afraid of sleeping. Everyday she woke there was a new surprise. She came to hate surprises.

“ Prepare the Battleships.” Roscoe roared.

“ But, my lady. Don’t you think it’s a bit early and maybe a little bit harsh to rage a war.” Wade said, and behind him standing was her war council. They were all nodding with what wade had said.

So, to show that she was not weak Roscoe warned her closest friend. “ Listen, to me shuck. We are going to take over Zion and we are going to do it now. I am going to take what is rightfully mine.” Roscoe hissed. “ and if you do not want to stand with me then you have my full support to go and stand beside Prince Lance.” Roscoe took his chin in her hands and held on to it tightly and brought his ear to her lips and cooed.“ but remember when he dies you will die a even more worse death then the Prince. My dear friend. Now, do you want to disobey me?”

“ No.” he whispered.

“ Good. Now prepare for battle. This will be the worst battle that history of Zion will ever see.” Roscoe said.

She signaled for all the counselors to leave her except Wade.

“ Roscoe, Do you really want to do this? I mean wage a war against the very foundation of Zion. With the king himself.” He began. “ With Lance.” He continued.

“ That name means nothing to me.” Roscoe tried to keep her face straight but she could feel herself failing.

“ Don’t lie to me Roscoe. I know you love him, or you used to have feelings for him at some point of time.” Wade said.

“ And what has love taught me, what has it taught you? Huh, Wade. I don’t know about you but everyone I loved betrayed me. I have finally learnt my lesson and it’s time you learn yours. To love is to destroy, Wade. Betrayal taught me that. Love taught me that.” Roscoe said.

“ Not everybody.” Wade whispered.

“ What?” Roscoe asked.

“ I said not everybody you love has betrayed you. I love you and I stand beside you. Do I not?” Wade said.

“ Wade, I don’t want this conversation anymore.” Roscoe said.

“ Why not?” Wade asked.

Before Roscoe could answer a maid came in and announced a epistle from Prince Lance.

“ What does it say?” Roscoe inquired.

Wade took the letter from the maid and dismissed her and read the contents of the letter.

“ This is a last appraisal for Lady Roscoe of House Embers to leave the war and Surrender to Prince Lance of House Brine, and in return the Prince pledge’s not to harm Lady Roscoe and her supporters. But if she fails to submit to this demand then Prince will order an full on attack on Lady Roscoe along with House of embers and anyone who supports her. You have 1 day to abdicate. His Excellence, Prince Lance of House Brine.” Wade revealed.

Roscoe listened to all this with a smile pasted on her face and slowly turned towards Wade and said “ Looks like Prince Lance does not want a war. Well, we can not do everything he wishes for after all he is not a Mogul for us. Send him a letter and tell him that War will happen at the ancient grounds of Nevili.”

“ Yes, my lady.” Wade replied.

“ And tell him a new age is coming. The age of Vendetta and Inferno.” Roscoe said with credence.

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