How did we get here?


1. Introduction

"ASHTON GIVE IT BACK TO ME!" my squeaky voice said "Or what Lily? your gonna go tell mum?" he teased back "MUMMMMM! ASHTON WONT GIVE ME MY DOLL!" I screamed. Ashton's face went bright red, he dropped the doll and ran before mom could get to him. I giggled and smiled to myself.   


That was when everything was all fine, I am now 19 not some petty 5 year old. I live in the UK with my father, we always have a good time with each other but I'm starting to miss my mum so me and my dad have bought ourselves tickets to go and see mum and Ashton. "Dad" I spoke softly he just nodded "I'm sort of nervous to see mum and Ash, I mean it's been years what are we suppose to say to them? what if mum has found someone else, what if she's moved on from me and yo-" I got cut off "Lily Honey, your mum will always love you, you are her daughter and nothing will ever break that, she only stopped loving me" a small tear escaped my eye as memories came back but I just blocked them out.

I ran upstairs to finish packing to go to Australia for a few months. We were leaving in a few hours so now was my only chance to finish up. I lay down on my bed and look up at ceiling just as I was about to fall asleep my phone ran, it was my best friend Brooke.

L- What do you want I was almost sleeping!

B- Brody broke up with me, Lils what am I gonna do he was all I had to keep me going

she spoke between sobs and tears.

L- Ok B, little hurtful that you said he was the only thing that kept you going, I believe I was there to help you whenever you needed me, I have never left your side, I am your best friend, right?

B- Yeah of course your my best friend! But what am I suppose to do about Brody?

L- Forget him

There was a long pause....

B- Great idea.. I could feel her smirking at the other end of the phone.. I gotta go but speak soon bye!

                                                                         BEEP BEEP BEEP

The line had cut off.



If you are reading this then you have probably just read the first chapter of my story. This is my first story so thanks for reading and I will try and put up a new chapter in a minute. Love you all xx

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