Game Over

Life is like taking a dump; sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it hurts, sometimes you think you just can’t keep pushing because it’s so hard. But do you know what? In the end shit works itself out.


2. One.

The early morning light shone in through my window, making me squint, the pounding in my head reminding me of the pub last night, staying up until dawn and the warmth beside me telling me that, alarmingly, I wasn't in bed alone.

I turned my head slowly, the bed covers rising and falling slowly with the soft breathing of the body next to me. It was another guy, which wasn't any surprise, I've known that I was a homosexual for a long time now, ever since my good friend Roxy had a longggggg conversation with me about it.

He was fucking cute too, he had silky brown hair that covered most of his face, a good body, ( nice six pack, i must mention ) his glasses lay on the bedside table next to my anime shades and his clothes lay sprawled on the floor mingled in with mine.

He stirred slightly as I sat up, looking into the mirror, my thick icy-blonde hair was messy, my piercing orange eyes seemed to see right through my fear.

I didn't really know this guy, I had met him late last night at the pub, while my younger brother was at his friends house, we had seemed to get along and things had escalated from there, and here I was, completely naked, a booming headache, lying in my bed with a guy whose last name I didn't know.

"Good morning Dirk..." The boy stirred, opening one bright green eye and smiling slightly, his accent was thick and English.

God he was hot.

I swallowed, and my mouth was so dry that it hurt, damn, I must have drank a shitload last night.

"Morning Jake." Fuck, at least I knew his first name.

He sat up, looking tired and as if he had the same headache as I did, he rubbed his eyes and stretched showing off more of his toned chest, before leaning up on his elbows and looking up at me.

My eyes fogged and all of a sudden my head felt like it had been impaled, Jake's face turned to worry.

"Sweet Dixie! Dirk are you okay?!" 

I seriously shouldn't have drank that much.

Jesus mother of ever loving fuck.





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