I Can't Remember

A short Calum Hood story
He saw her as a potential love interest, but to her he was just a neighbour.
He wanted to get to know her, He wanted her.
But he didn't have her name of her number.
Can a party change that fact?


1. Chapter 1

She was gorgeous. Her soft golden locks fell around her shoulders and rested at her elbows, it framed her perfect features. She had chocolate brown eyes and a small button nose. She wasn't the prettiest girl in the world, but to him she was.


Her name was unknown but to Calum she was a potential love interest that he hadn't found the nerve to talk to yet. But you never know... today could be the day!


Calum closed the door of his and Michaels shared apartment behind him. He was heading to Ashton's to help him set up for his party tonight; Michael had already gone ahead of him. When he turned around he spotted her. 


She noticed him starring and waved. "Hi?" he blushed slightly but quickly got over his nerves. 


"Hi... pretty girl" He smirked lightly and she let out a slight snort.


"What do you want?" she asked walking closer to him


"How about your name and your number?" he asked.


"Well, I don't really think I should" she said.


"What if I took you for a ride in my dad's yellow hummer?" he asked, grabbing the keys to his dads car from his pocket and dangling them in front of himself, trying to impress her. 


"How about no?" she asked, "what's your name?"


"Calum, Calum Hood" he smiled, tucked the car keys into his pocket and held out his hand. She shook his hand.


"Well Calum hood, I better get going" she said.


"Wait" she spun around and cocked her head to the side questioningly. "My friend Ashton's throwing a party tonight, you can come if you want to" 


"I'll think about it" and he nodded before scribbling the address down on a piece of paper. "thanks"


"Wait.... I never got your name" he called after her, smiling hopefully.


"That's for me to know, and maybe for you to find out" she called over her shoulder, chuckling.


He sighed happily, wondering where his sudden burst of confidence had come from when talking to the girl he could only watch for the past 6 months. She might show up for the party... He might finally get the girls name, and maybe one day he'd hold a place in her heart. Maybe his dreams could come true.


Calum was almost jumping to Ashton's at these thoughts that were reeling. Who knew this girl could have such an effect on the boy.


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