The Marauders (year one)

its weird



Everyone thinks that James Potter married Lily Evans, but that is a lie. You may be asking how I know this. I know this cause I’m the one who married him. My name is Pandora Polaris Potter nee Black . I’m am the twin sister of Sirius Orion Black the third. This is my fairytale. One thing that people will tell you is Lily is a sweet little bookworm Gryffindor that is a lie she is a slutty little raven bitch at least when i was in school then my brother changed her for the better. Before you ask no it’s not Sirius neither me nor Sirius can stand her. My little brother on the other hand Regulus was madly in love with her, and bless his soul he married her the day he got out of Hogwarts.

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