Now I Won't Forget (Sequel to 'You Never Know')

Years later, this couple has two little miracles.


7. Months Pass

4 months later

 My family and I were in the hospital, taking a look at the new baby. I was always wanting a girl, but Jeremy always wanted all boys. As the doctor did an ultrasound, they all leaned in close to the monitor.

 "And it's a girl!" The nurse smiled.

 I smiled and cried tears of joy. Jeremy held me.

 "We're having our first girl." I smiled.

 "I know." Jeremy smiled and kissed me.

 We all smiled and held each other.

 "I pick a name!" TJ said.

 "What ideas?" I asked.

 "Well, there's Moodia, Complaina, and Bratisha." TJ said.

 "TJ, it'll be fun having a sister." Zach smiled.

 "Fine, I guess I could give the chance."

  I will be taking a break form this story. However, I will

                                                          add more in the future.                                                                       

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