Now I Won't Forget (Sequel to 'You Never Know')

Years later, this couple has two little miracles.


1. Just An Ordinary Monday

 I opened my eyes to see Jeremy holding me. I smiled and he kissed my forehead. Our bedroom door opened and our kids came running in. 

 "Mom! Dad! Breakfast! Food!" Zach shouted and jumped on our bed.

"Well, good morning you two." I laughed.

 TJ climbed onto our bed.

 "Why do I have to be the small one?" TJ asked.

 "You're just young. You need to eat fruits and veggies to grow up big and strong." I smiled and held him.

 "Speaking of food, can we get some?" Zach asked.

 "Yes. Just give us a minute." Jeremy laughed.

 "Last one down is a rotten egg!" Zach laughed and ran.

 "This just isn't fair." TJ said and followed him.

  I looked at Jeremy and smiled.

 "We did a good job." Jeremy smiled.

 I kissed his cheek and we got out of bed.

 As we walked down the stairs, we heard the doorbell ring.

 "I'll get it!" Zach shouted.

"Zach, sit at the table. You don't know who it is." Jeremy laughed.

 "Fine." He sighed.

 Jeremy and I opened the door to see Kai.

 "Good morning, you guys!" Kai smiled.

"Uncle Kai!" Zach and TJ shouted and ran to the door.

They hugged each other.

 "Are you guys ready for your first day?" Kai asked.

 "As ready as playing a video game without a controller." TJ said.

 I laughed and picked him up.

"You'll be fine, Honey." I smiled.

 "Uncle Kai, did you bring candy?" Zach asked.

 "Oh, shoot. I forgot to bring my candy box." He said.

 "I'll go get it!" Zach said and ran out the door.

 "I don't think he needs any more sugar anyways." I laughed.

 "I'm going to make sure he doesn't sneak a peek at his Christmas presents." He laughed and walked across the street.

 "Mom, can we go Uncle Kai's house for breakfast?" TJ asked.

 "We'll ask him once he comes back."

 Zach and Kai came back.

"Couldn't find it?" I laughed.

 "I guess I'll just eat like a normal person today." He sighed and went into the kitchen.

 "Uncle Kai, can we eat at your house?" TJ asked.

 "Sure. Let me just tell Sandy and Kendall." Kai smiled and walked home.

 "SANDY IS THERE?!" Zach yelled from the kitchen.

 "She lives there, Zach." Jeremy laughed. 

TJ and Zach ran upstairs to get dressed.

"Don't forget your bookbags!" I said.

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