Sammy, I'm back...

Genevieve goes out to find her ex-boyfriend, Sam Winchester. Genevieve goes on an adventure with them but they are presented with the choice of giving up hunting. Will they take it and live a normal life?


2. Starting the Adventure

Sam looked at me and laughed.

"What's so funny Mr.Winchester? I could beat your arse as well." I ask Sam

"Well that's just it," he replies "you beat my brother." He looks at me and smiles. My cheeks redden.

"All right you two, enough puppy love. We should get some rest, do some research. Find wherever the hell we're going tomorrow." Dean says grumpily as he sits in the drivers seat in the Impala. Sam and I laugh and he opens the door for me, letting me in the backseat and sliding in after me.

We talk until we get the hotel and we talk as we research, both of us being the bookworms we are. Sam told me about his recent adventures with Dean and I listen intently. After finding something, we lay on the bed and fall asleep in an embrace.

We wake up to Dean playing music on the radio.

"Rise and shine, lovebirds." I quickly roll off the bed, blushing. I go into the kitchen and begin to make a simple breakfast. The boys get ready for the day and Sam briefs Dean on the case we found. We eat breakfast and I take a quick shower and change into white tank top and jeans with the same heels I wore yesterday. We're on the road in about a hour.

I fall asleep in the backseat of the Impala, of course I only had about three hours of sleep. Sam was sitting in the backseat with me and I'm laying my head on his lap and he's casually stroking my hair like back when we went to school together. Sam also dozes off and Dean smirks when he sees us in his rear-view mirror.

We arrive in California about ten hours later and Dean needs to rest. We stop at a motel and rent a room with two bedrooms. One for Dean and one for Sam and me. I make dinner for the boys and myself and we fall asleep soon afterwards, Sam and I in each others arms. We get up at about 6AM and we're on the road again. Dean put on the radio and we're all singing along, my accent making the songs sound funny but the boys are so off-key they don't care.

We arrive in L.A. and they get into their usual suits for FBI officers. I dress in a pantsuit and produce my own ID. We go to question the families of the people who died. I offer a sympathetic touch and I'm a good improviser so the boys followed my lead and we got a little more out of them then the guys usually did without being kicked out.

"Jesus you're good Genevieve." Sam exclaimed after we were back on the road with our clues. We knew what it was already and we stopped where we knew it was going to strike next. We got out of car in front of a small apartment and we got out what we needed for an exorcism and headed inside. We found the apartment we needed and the guys went in. I saw something and went to check it out. I was grabbed from behind and I started to scream before a soft and clamped over my mouth. It was Sam.

"Stay with us." He said sternly. We walked back down the hall to the apartment and checked it out quietly. We heard a scream come from the bedroom and we ran. A black smoke ran down the screamer's throat and it dropped the body it had just been possessing on the ground. The demon turned it's host to face us. I ran to the main room before it could cast a hex or whatever. I grabbed a can of conveniently placed spray paint and quietly made a demon trap. I went back to the bedroom with Ruby's knife they gave me. The demon attempted it's powers but I jumped out of the room and ran in. I almost stabbed it but then it fought back, using all it's power to hold Sam and Dean on the walls. I ran out of the room and it followed. I led it to the covered trap and it walked in. I distanced myself and read the incantation to exorcise a demon. One we made sure the woman was okay, we left. Sam and I retired to our new motel room after Sam and Dean's glorious praise. I shut the door and Sam pushed me against the wall and kissed me.

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