Us Against Them

It was us against them. It was him and I against them. It was me and him against them.
... it was Jake and Chris against them... it was Jacob and Christina against them. It was Cameron and Clark against them. Them: the world.
It was Jake and Chris against the world... it was their love against everything. Them...

He dreamt about being an hero. She dreamt about being a princess.
Together, he became her hero and she became his princess.

Jacob Cameron ~ Christina Clark


1. #1: Don't Stop Believing


''And all the movies never ends. It goes on and on and on and on''.

''You see?'', I asked Matt. ''An hour is made of 60 minutes. A minute is made of 60 seconds. But a day is 24 hours not 60 hours, okay?''

He laughs and nodded, ''Yes.''

''Great. I'll be right back''.

Matt smiled to me as I walked downstairs to get me another cane of Coke.

Matthew was a nice guy. And for an 8 years old boy, he had a lot of experience in his life. He was kind and the total opposite of his older brother. Jacob was the school's 'badboy'; the kind of boy every girl would want. He was like a magnet that every girl was attract to. I seriously don't see what they find in 'hot'. Okay, Jacob was hot and cute but I ''hated'' players. And Jacob was the perfect kind of player. The kind of boy who didn't care about any girl but was acting like it. And that smile he sends you and you fall but it's like a smirk to a new plan he has on you. And when you realizer the truth, it's awful but you're still falling. But I'm not.

No matter how much times my best friend, Ashley, told me to be quiet when him and his band were getting into the cafeteria, I still don't care. I don't see why everyone shuts up when he comes over. I really don't get it. Isn't he a normal person like everybody?

Jacob wasn't back yet, which made me happy. He was never here when I was helping Matt with his homework. His parents were actually paying me for this, but since I was working here, we never had a conversation. Another thing that made me happy.

I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge's door. Matthew's mom didn't want him to drink Coke, so I guess these canes were buy by Jacob. Even though he was a jerk, Matt really seemed to like him.

I don't know much about Jacob. I only know he smokes, get drugs sometimes (I caught him taking weed one time) has tattoos and messy hair. I never entered his room, never talked to him and never tried to do any of the things every girl and every nerd are trying to do.

I grabbed the last cane of Coke, not caring about what Jacob would say or if he would be mad. Okay, this was my 4th cane of Coke but food is life and I do care about Coke.

I walked out the kitchen to Matt's room. I was about to jump the stairs when the door caught open. I frowned and fixed the person who was entering: Jacob.
He entered with furrowed eyebrows and stopped when he noticed me. This was the first time I was starring at Jacob Cameron. We looked at each other for a moment longer than we should and, I guess, we wouldn't stop starring at each other if he didn't move a little annoyed.

''Who are you?'' he finally asked.

I rolled my eyes, ''Probably someone'', I said walking back to Matt's room. I found him leaning on his bed and starring at the ceiling. I walked to his bed and leaned next to him and stared at the ceiling too with both of my hands under my head.


''Yes, Matt?''

''Could you be my girlfriend?''

I smiled. It wasn't the first time Matt was asking me these sorts of questions. It wasn't the first time he asked me this question at all. The first time he did, I laugh but notice he was serious. I told him he had to wait until he was grown up and he kept that, but on his 8th birthday, he asked me if he was old enough. ''Matt, you need to wait''.

''But I wait enough, Chris'' he said crossing his arms. ''I want you''

I smiled and seat comfortably next to him. ''Can I tell you a secret?''

''Yes, what?'' he asked with a smile

''I don't believe in love''

He frowns, ''Why not?''

''Do you watch fairytales?''

He grimaced, ''No, these are for girls''

''I don't watch them either. I never did but I know their stories by books. Listen... Jasmine was in a relationship with a dirty homeless boy named Aladdin. Snow White lived alone with seven men. Pinocchio was a liar. Robin Hood was a thief. Tarzan walked around with no clothes on. A stranger kissed Sleeping Beauty and she married him. Cinderella lied and snuck out at night to attend a party...''

He laughs, ''That's true!''

''So you see, each prince and each princess did something bad to attend love and I think love should be easy and not hard''

''Love's not hard.''

I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow, ''Snow White barely escaped a knife. Sleeping Beauty was about to sleep for all her life...!'' I said with an evident tone. ''I think she just needed a nape or something....'' I added.

He laughs making me smile gently. Then he cuffed and fixed me, ''But I still want you, Chris''

I smiled. ''One day, you'll find the one for you and I'm pretty sure that girl will love you''

''More than you?'' he asked with a teasing voice

I frowned, ''Well... not really, since...''

''You love me more than anyone'' he said cutting me off with an evident tone too

''Exactly!'' I exclaimed.

He stayed silent for a moment before saying with a small voice I had heard before. ''I love you, Chris''

I smiled, ''I love you more, buddy''


''He talked to you?'' Ashley asked as I closed my locker.

Today was Friday and I told Ashley about Jacob and I's 'little' conversation. She was making a big deal about it. I mean, I didn't really tell her. Jacob was just heading over the hallway and when he noticed me, he winked. And just for my bad, Ashley noticed and she was all 'Jacob winked at you' or 'I think he feels something for you!' and then, 'Did you talk to him?'.

''Ash, he just asked me who I was? Isn't it a sign that he never noticed me?'' I asked rolling my eyes to her

''But, Christie...!''

''Stop calling me like that!'' I exclaimed frowning at her

She bit her lip, ''Sorry. But Chris, he talked to you!''

''And I still don't care'' I said as the bell rang. She bit her lip once more and sigh. I rolled my eyes and hugged her. She hugged back as I waved and walked to Art Class.





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