Senpai is mine - a Yandere Simulater Fanfiction


1. The Cherry Tree

As Senpai walked into the school, I watched the straight lines of my pupils. I knew I had to be careful. Protecting my senpai was a full time job. With Info-chan by my side, I could figure out if anyone would like to steal him from me. As everyone had gone inside the school, I wanted to have more information on the girls that were staring at Senpai. Info-chan sent me a picture of everyone who loved my Senpai, but one bold message had caught my eye.

”Info-Chan : I almost forgot to tell you. Someone by the name Kokona was planning to confess her feelings to your Senpai under the special cherry tree on friday.”

“Yandere-Chan : Wait….. You mean the cherry tree that had the myth if someone confessed their feelings to a person under that tree on a Friday, they’ll accept?”

“Info-Chan : That's the one.”

I had never felt any emotion in my life until I met Senpai. Now I had been taught a new emotion. Hatred. I wanted to hurt Kokona. I wanted to kill her.




Goodnight Kokona………….

    I had to kill anyone that got in my way. Knowing Kakona, I should have known she loved my Senpai. She wanted to steal him from me. I would have to think of a plan to get rid of her.


As the bell rang for lunch, I had the perfect plan. When Kakona goes to eat her sushi, I shall place enough food poison to make her air ways close and suffocate to her death and no one could suspect it was me. My mother always said that yanderes looked innocent on the outside and dark on the inside. She always told me that she was a yandere and so were the women in the family before her. Hearing her stories about finding her Senpai always thrilled me. I always wanted to follow in her footsteps and now I was. Kakona had just placed down her sushi platter and hidden behind a tree, gazing at my Senpai. I took this as a chance to save my Senpai.

It only took three drops, according to the bottle. Should I add more? I should add at least seven more, just in case the drops don't kick in Kokonas air system. I quickly added more than seven drops (I have no idea how much I added) and made a run for it. I jumped for the blueberry bushes, noticing at that exact moment that they were fake.

Wondering what had happened to the people that tried to eat what looked like delicious blueberries, I saw Kokona daintily put a piece of what looked to be an egg sushi roll.

When she swallowed, I saw her through allready had turned a light shade of blue. By the next few seconds, she should collapse onto the floor choking. As I was observing the fake bushes, I heard something heavy collapse. I suspected it was Kokona falling to her death. As a made a peep hole through the twigs and leafs, I saw Kokona on the marble floor of the court yard. She was holding her neck with her hand, her face a deep shade of purple. At that second, I knew I had completed my mission.





        Senpai is all mine

Senpai is now mine.

Nothing will take that away from me

Nothing will ever stop me………………...



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