The Family Re-Onion

Giant foods attack a city.


2. Chapter Two

Once upon a time, on a place called Earth, there lived people. The people were of all races, and they all loved each other. It was all rainbows and butterflies.

Until the Foodtians came.

The Foodtians were from a planet called Food. The Foodtians were like giant versions of our Earth foods, but they had human emotions and talked. The Foodtians would occasionally send their little babies down to Earth. The babies did not grow mouths until they were older, so when they landed in fields, the farmers thought that they had grown the food. Therefore, they ate it.

They ate the baby Foodtians.

But, of course, because the planet Food was so far away from Earth, and the Earthlings hadn't learned the skill of blender-treleporting, the Foodtians did not know about Earth's murder of their children. 

Then one day, Gob-stopper-zilla blender-traveled to Earth and saw the Earthlings chopping up Little Jimmy, the son of the great onion George. Gob-stopper-zilla wanted so bad to get his revenge on the Earthlings just then.

And that is what he did. The humans were so surprised when they saw the giant gobstopper attacking their cities that they called him Godzilla. Gob-stopper-zilla liked this, but he still hated the Earthlings. Therefore, he ate a lot of the population of Tokyo, Japan. He was doing great- until someone realized that he was food and just (literally) stuck a fork in it.


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