''The Jam Princess''

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  • Published: 5 Apr 2016
  • Updated: 5 Apr 2016
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A kindergarten teacher attempts to harm a little girl


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It happened in a lovely afternoon in a little town everybody knew and sometimes when was hot, people came by here to have a rest and then go again. Right in this town, in the local kindergarten,at the beginning of the school year, a little girl came there. It was her first time going to kindergarten. She was a bit scared of the teachers and the other children. The little girl was from another town. A woman took her to the kindergarten. Supposedly, it was her mother. Leaving her daughter there, the woman believed her girl will be safe and protected. She left but the little girl watched he mother go away with tiny tears in her eyes. The kindergarten teachers thought the girl is upset because it was her first place in a new place but that was not the whole truth. The little girl had more tragic reason to cry but nobody in the kindergarten knew about it. After she entered the room, the little girl started playing with the toys and also stopped crying. The other children also befriended her and played together with the new girl. . . . There was a teacher in this kindergarten who didn't like much any children. But she worked there to revenge....herself. She couldn't have children of her own and didn't want the other children to be happy,too. Nobody knew about her hatred toward the children because she did everything possible to hide it. Ever since that teacher saw the new girl,she already hated her. She saw the little girl so dirty and clumsy that wished in her head to strangle her. She also envied the little girl for making friends so quickly. But this teacher didn't know how much suffered the little new girl at early age and that the little girl was wise, much grown-up than her. The teacher made up a nickname for the little,innocent girl-''the jam princess''. She pronounced the words with such disgust and haughtiness that even her face turned red. The teachers projected all of her disadvantages upon the defenceless girl. During the day, the kindergarten woman called the little girl with irony several times''the jam princess'' and that made the child to hate her and not to pay attention to the teacher's malice. The little girl tried to ignore the teacher but the woman didn't stop. This almost ruined the child. She already lost her dad and now had to cope with a mad teacher. The little girl stopped playing and closed in herself. She felt more unhappy and alone. Together with her mother, the live in a plain house with no help from no one. When the mother finally came home with her daughter, the little girl told her what was going on with her in the kindergarten but the mother accept the story as fiction,born from her child's imagination. -I know the place and the people are new to you but you will use to it,honey! Then the girl started drawing-a big lady with a stick in hand and a little girl next to her. The drawing was telling everything but who could understand an infant. . . . The next morning, the mother took her daughter to the kindergarten again. The teacher who called her''the jam princess'' also was there and was drinking coffee very demonstratively. The little girl had a breakfast and went to the toys. Suddenly,without her colleagues to see,the teacher went to the new girl and told her with repulsion: -Listen,you mite, I don't want you here! Tell your mother to stop bringing you here! And don't you dare mention her about me,otherwise I'll find you and strangle you with your own pillow! At this moment the other teacher came and asked what was going on. -Nothing!-said the mentally-ill teacher-I just helped the new girl with the dress which she pinched it behind the door. The other teacher believed her and went out the toy room. The mad woman also went out,looking ''the jam princess'' with hatred. The little girl silently cried, couldn't fathoming why the kindergarten teacher treated her like that. After a while, she wiped the tears away because didn't want others to see her cry. In that day the girl was sad and became afraid of everybody. She didn't want to go to the kindergarten anymore. When her mother came for her in the late afternoon,the little girl didn't told her about the thread because she thinks her mother will not believe her again and that's why the child went to bed early but couldn't sleep a long time. . . . The next day the mother walked her daughter to the kindergarten,as always. Then kissed her and wished her to have a great day. The little girl timidly stepped in the hallway and saw the crazy teacher at the other end. They were alone in the building because it was early. The teacher was holding a kitchen knife. The little girl knew it was for her and instinctively start running. During this moment her mother was entering the kindergarten again because she forgot to give her daughter the sun hat. When she pulled the door saw her child running and screaming and behind her was the teacher with the knife. The mother grabbed her princess and began running. The mad teacher was running,too,hell-bent and yelled: -Where are you going? Give me that mite! Give her to me to embellish her like Picasso with the knife! The mother wished to believed her daughter before. The teacher was really nuts. Before she wanted to kill''the jam princess'' out of hatred that couldn't have her own kids and now wanted to kill her out of love. The teacher had split of personality. A clear sign of schizophrenia. Obviously the teacher was very dangerous,even to herself. The mother and her child were still running while trying not to hear the sinister words of the running behind them teacher. After realizing that cannot catch them, the kindergarten teacher suddenly stopped and ...stabbed the knife in her stomach. The mother heard an awful scream and saw the mad woman falling off slowly. Without even knowing why, the mother began crying. She realized that the teacher was undoubtedly insane to kill herself ''Maybe it was some kind of curse'',thought the mother. It was a sort of punishment for the teacher who in her inability to have children and to be really loved, had started to loathe everyone and everything around her. These thoughts made her crazy and then killed her.
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