yandere crazy

Sadoku is a girl who is well...Yandere... And once she moves to Tokyo and met's Nathen or,Nate she fall's in love with him but it goes wrong...


3. I think i'm in LOVE!

"Anyway's, that's it! The school!" "Thank's~" I said staring into his eye's as he stared into mine. Yep! I LOVE him!! And if anyone thinks they can take him from me then they'll, just.Have.To.DIE! *Heehee*  "Wait, it's over already!" I said all said and kawaii. "Yep sadly."  He said. "Wait! What's your name?!" "Oh,it's Nathan but you could call me Nate!" "Of corse!" I said walking away. "Hey-" I looked to see who was talking to me. it was the girl who was talking to Nate. "If you think that Nate would EVER like you than,well, You're a BAKA! "Huh?" "Idiot! Baka means idiot!" I know ya tsunedere!" And like that, I stabed in the head. Making her colapse to the ground. *giggles insanely* "That's what you get for liking MY SENPAI! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


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