Guardian Angels

read and find out lol all i can tell u is me and my 2 friends got boredand decided to roleplay so thats what you're about to read and i gotta say it might be confusing at first but it's really good please give it a chance


2. the first thingy

Folds wings out- -sighs- -jumps off cliff-

waking up for school  “Good morning Miyako and Mamoru “

-swoops through the window- actually Miyako is not here

“Oh ok i'll just have to tell her when we see her " in her happy little voice

nods- alright i'm gonna go get coffee -goes downstairs-

-gets coffee- 'fuckin miyako where the hell are you'

mornin Mamoru

" Morning Miyako, Mamoru is getting coffee if you want to join him "

mornin Atsuko i'm good i don't drink coffee

" Ok i'm going to eat breakfast if you are hungry? "

"Sorry Atsuko did you forget I don't eat." ~Laughs a little~

" Oh Yeah that's right, well u can go wait downstairs with Mamou "

"Ok I'll see u when u get down there"

" Ok " as she's smiling she going to the kitchen to make some breakfast she also gets her book bag ready for school and she finds a weird bracelet.

"Atsuko don't put that bracelet on"

" Why what's the matter with it? "

"Look at the imprint thing on the charm

" Yeah it's a star, does it do magic or something? "

"Hello Mamoru  & Atsuko"

"hello" -sips coffee-

" hi "

"Atsuko as i was saying look carefully at the star"

" Why what's wrong with it "

"it's a pentagram"

"Don't put it on"

"you'll go bat shit crazy"


" Ok i won't put it on " as she carefully sneaks it in her pocket with no one looking

" Well i'm going to school if you wanna go home or come with me "

"i'll come with you" -finishes coffee-

" I'm going with u the demons are really active for some reason

" Ok lets go "

-goes into human form- "alright"

walks up to Atsuko and whispers "I know u put the bracelet in your back pocket

-looks at Atsuko- “ yeah you're not very sneaky “

" please give me the bracelet

"wait shut up" -hears the floor creak- "shit" -draws sword-

" Fine " hands Miyako the bracelet

draws bow and takes the bracelet

" What is it "

"Atsuko get down"

gets down on the ground

-floor creaks louder- -readying his sword-

" What is it "

"No clue"

" What are you guys gonna do. Where did Miyako go? "

-looks around- "don't know"

as Atsuko gets under the couch the creaking gets louder and closer

-goes demon mode- "lets go!"

shoots demon from hiding spot" Is it gone " flies down "for now"

-looks at miyako- "Hey that was my kill"

"well u were too late

"Says the one with a bow"

"plus only my special arrows will work on that demon. Don't be such a dumbass"

" Ok quite fighting let's get to school i have 20 minutes and it takes 15 to get there by foot "

"hop on my back"


" Ok are you gonna fly me there "


" Ok let's go "

-flys out the window-

flies Atsuko to school

so they all head off to the school



"Wait give her the bracelet"

" What does the bracelet do "

" no u can beat this demon i’ll give her the bracelet when the time comes"

"child i think she's ready"

" I have to get to class u guys stay hidden so no one sees you "



shrinks down and sits on Atsuko's shoulder "NO IT’S NOT TIME"

" I have to get to class can't we talk about this later or talk out while i'm in class "

"yeah sure i guess"

shrinks Mamoru down  and he sits on Atsuko's shoulder too

"i fuckin hate being small"

" Ok i'll see you guys at lunch go hide on the roof "

"u have no choice Mamoru

"grr fine"          

" Don't forget i can still hear you guys even if you guys aren't with me now get on the roof and i'll meet you at lunch "

" No i can’t leave your side today"

-jumps off- "plus i’m like a fairy”

" Then become invisible and wait outside my classes  you guys just can't sit on my shoulders "

" i'm gonna sit on ur shoulder trust me u need us as close as possible today"

" Fine but you guys have to stay as quiet as ever and sit still "


"dude i'm gonna look at some ass"

"dude no one will see you"

“ I know “-laughs-


" Ok now let's head in so i'm not late "


"booty booty booty"

so they head into her first class which is history

-flies around like a fairy- “ I'M LIKE NAVI “

tip toes to Mamoru and whispers " we have to train her in a week's time"

-nods- “ yeah we can't look after her forever “

" i know but this is too soon but it's our orders"

"true but we've went against orders before"

"this time we have to follow u know this"

"i don't think so we can always just 'go missing' "

so history end and she goes to health and now she is at gym " Guys you can't be on my shoulder now you have to go somewhere else until gym is over "

-screaming-” THERE'S SO MUCH BOOTY “

" Shhh you don't want anybody to hear you "

"we can't Mamuro it's not that reason the demons they're coming for her soon only she can beat them we soon will have to leave until she has a child then we will watch over the child"

“ hang on “ -leaves and comes back in a gym uniform and is back to normal size-

Follows Mamoru

" So i guess you are going to join me in gym Mamoru "

-looks around- 'sooooo much booty' "so what are we doing"

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