Diamond Dancers

noun derogatory
a woman who has many casual sexual partners.
synonyms: promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore;

This is what my so called "Career" makes people believe I am, but not once did they ever make me feel like that.


1. chapter 1

"Ally, your up" Martin came into the dressing room to tell me "Ten minuets"

"Ok, anyone special today?" I asked. I usually get some of the richest people in Sydney, like mayors, famous hair/clothing stylists, and even on rare occasions famous actors/singers.

This is a "classy" -meaning pretty much only for rich people and if you're not, you have to look nice. So it weeds out most of the bums, who in my experience are usually the big creeps. (The rich people are usually pretty somewhat respectful to me)- gentleman's/lady's club. My mom and her best friend Martin co-own it. They were both "erotic dancers" at one point and decided to buy this place and make it classier, because apparently it used to be a wicked dump from their old boss. My mom mostly teaches pole dancing classes now and regular dance more than she manages here, but they're both doing a good job about it all, that I know of anyway.

"Ya, you got Councillor Edward Mandla" Oooo, Mr. Big spender.

"Ok" I said, knowing I'm going to make at least two hundred dollars from him just in my dance, probably about three hundred in VIP, a hundred dollars in lap dances, and maybe -if he drinks tonight- two to two fifty on drinks. All of us dancers get to keep whatever money they throw at us on stage, the tip money from the lap dances and thirty-five percent of the amount they paid for it, fifty percent of the amount they pay for a VIP session, and half of the amount they pay for drinks on us. Although we're only aloud a two drink limit, because they don't want us drunk on the job. They just put the beer that they paid for back over to the bartender. 

I got ready to walk out from backstage after Martin introduced me "Ladies and gentlemen, coming onto the stage for the headline dance is the one, the only, Rose Adams, so reach deep into your pockets and make her feel...warm" The way he introduces us is so weird, but oh well. 

I walked out when my song Na Na by Trey Songz came on. The first person I saw was the Councillor...and than these four guys that have been coming in every week and watching me dance. Sometimes they switch it up and one of them will watch me and the other ones will watch other girls, but they all always come and watch me. They haven't tried to buy me a drink or get a lap dance or a private room or anything, so it's really throwing me for a loop. They don't seem like creeps, because all the creeps that I've ever had are handsy, but obviously they aren't. I even have a stage name and wear wigs, so I don't get stalkers.

These four guys are definitely rich because whenever they're here I make a lot of money. They look familiar, but I just can't place where I've seen them before.

The whole dance I tried to pay more attention to to the Councillor, but I was drawn more to the one of the four boys, specifically the one with the long shaggy hair. He is like, the definition of perfect, but than again, they all are. 

I noticed that all four of them had thrown up fifty dollar bills...and a lot of them this time, and the guy with the gorgeous hair never broke eye contact with me. I'm not lying when I say it was kind of uncomfortable. Pretty much all the guys never keep eye contact on my face, especially when I'm doing a bunch of moves on the pole. 

My song ended and I picked up all the money on the stage. I went back stage and counted eight-hundred dollars. Being the headline is always where you make the big money like that, for me anyway. A normal dance I usually make about half that. We all pretty much make more from drinks and being the headline dancer more than anything.

Not even five minuets into relaxing a little and Martin came back in for me "Ally, you got a lap dance at table five. It's the Councillor and he paid for five private dances, so be extra nice" As if I wouldn't be, he could probably arrest me for no reason if he wanted to if to.

"Ok, just give me a second" I said and when he walked out I laid back in my rolly chair. Ugh, my routines have been harder lately and it's so fucking exhausting, Martin is killing me lately.

After a minuet I got up and walked out over to to the Councillor and the first thing he said was "I'm sorry, but this is going to be the last day I can come here" I stopped dead in my tracks. Shit, he's a lot of my income. This is gonna suck. "My wife found out I've been coming here. I don't know how, but she did"

"Oh" I paused a second in shock, but than got back to work "Than I'll make this the best lap dance you've ever had" I try to sound sexy, but I don't think it works most of the time.

"Ok than" To be honest, he's by far the classiest costumer here. He doesn't treat me like how most guys treat strippers and he compensates me generously. 

I got to the end of the dance and his phone started to ring "Hello, yes i'm coming, i'll be home in a few minuets, no, Clover had me stay a little later today, alright, bye" I got up so he could. "I'm sorry, but I have to go. I already paid for a few private dances, so I'll just give them to someone else. I mean, if that's ok with you, I don't want to give you some creep who won't pay you as nice as I would" See what I mean, he's pretty nice.

"Ya, that's fine, just pick someone you feel is right for the job" I smiled.

"Ok, i'll be right back after talking to Martin" He said, and left to go talk to Martin.

I sat alone for maybe thirty seconds waiting before one of my regulars, Justin, came over and bought me a shot of tequila. "What's up babe?" He's pretty nice too, actually more than half of my weekly regulars are pretty nice to me, so I don't have any room to complain. 

"Nothin, just waiting for Martin to come over and tell me who my new VIP person is" Once I said that, his lip tilted down a little in disappointment.

"Oh, well lets hope they pay you nice" He said, trying to keep conversation. I like that most of my weekly regulars try and converse with me, it's nice. My mom said it wasn't like this at all when she started. All the guys that came here were low lives. I guess that's pretty much all strip clubs, but than again, a lot of them don't pretty much only allow decent human beings...and rich ones at that.

"Ya, hopefully, it's got to compensate for the Councillor not being able to come here anymore. He just laid that one on me. His wife found out and called him a second ago to come home, so he's trying to find someone to take his VIP session he already paid for" I got him all up to speed and he nodded along with me.

"Oh, that sucks, I guess I'm going to have to pay you more now" I think this is his attempt to flirt and it's actually kind of cute. Most guys aren't this cute when they flirt with me.

I giggled "Ok" Martin walked over and pulled me over to one of the private booths and I waved over to Justin.

"So who's covering his session?" I asked.

"His name is Luke" He said, I've never herd of anyone here with the name Luke before...oh shit, except this thirty-five year country clubber guy with a huge beer gut and wandering hands. I cringed a little at the thought of him.

"Ok" I know I didn't sound the least bit enthused, so Martin clarified.

"It's not the fat guy" He chuckled a little "He stopped coming here because his wife found out and threatened to chop off his dick" Now he started laughing hysterically.

"Oh, wow" I said and laughed at the thought.

I got behind the curtain to the booth and I didn't find the fat Luke, but a really in shape and fuckin good looking Luke, one of my mystery men at my dances.

"Hey" He said, I expected it to sound all sexual like most guys, but he just sounded all casual.

"Umm, hi, so your the one covering for the Councillor?" I don't know why I asked, I already know the answer.

"Ya, I didn't think I'd see a man of his stature at a place like this. I mean, he has a wife and kids, but probably not for much longer" He chuckled at his last statement. So I guess he knows.

"Ya, haha, his wife sounds phyco to begin with. I over herd them on the phone. She threatened to rip his nut sack off and shove it up his asshole" I was holding back a laugh, only because I'm picturing her while she said that, I think it's funny when old woman threaten shit like that. At least she won't know who I am.

"Really? Oh my god, what did he do? Did he totally deny it?" He laughed at the thought.

"Ya, it was kind of funny. He was all like "No honey, Clover just had me stay later, that's all" She totally didn't buy it at all, because she continued to scream at him, but than he just said "bye" and hung up" I went and sat down on the cushion next to him, easing my way into this.

"That's like worst thing he could have said" He started to laugh again.

"Ya, she's probably going to burn his shit tonight. He better watch out" We shared a laugh about it and kept on the topic about me over hearing conversations like that. It's kind of weird, he hasn't even asked me for a dance yet or anything, all we're doing is talking. I've never done that with a costumer before. I kind of like it, I'm not exhausting myself. Although I'm not making any money, it's still nice.

Martin came in at the end of the fifth song and when he walked in and saw us just talking he looked confused "Well, that was the last song...unless you want to pay for more" Damn, he's always about the money, but than again, what club owner isn't.

"Ya, five more" He said nonchalantly. Shit balls, maybe I am going to make some money tonight.   

"You do know it's eighty dollars a song right?" I asked him.

"Ya, so" He said.

"Ok than" I didn't even say anything else, the only other person to pay that much money for me was the Councillor. I guess he did pick someone worthy to fit the bill.

"Ok, four-hundred dollars" Martin said, and Luke handed him four one hundred dollar bills. I don't think I've ever seen that many hundreds handed to Martin in one session, ever.

He left with a big smile on his face and Luke started talking again. This time about why Martin looked so shocked and I told him strait up that most guys don't spend that much in one session and he looked like he was in shock.

The five songs went by and I had to go and do a lap dance for Justin.

I told Justin what happened he almost shit a brick "Really?" 

"Ya, and he was totally shocked that people don't really spend that much here" I started grinding on him when I felt his pecker really start to get hard.

"I mean, if I could afford it I'd spend that much on you. You're worth it, even if I don't get as much as I would like out of my money" Towards the last part he noticed me getting a little agitated at his comment and spoke again "That sounded bad, but I'm just saying you're worth the money" I relaxed a little.

"It's never going to happen Justin" I said.

"I know, but a guy can dream" He replied and stuck a fifty in my panties. I don't really care when some my regulars get  a little handsy and go farther than their supposed to. They deserve it, they probably put up with so much blue balls because of me, so it's ok.

The song ended and so did my shift four hours later, thank god.

I walked backstage and counted all my tips for the night. One thousand and fifty dollars, that's better than usual, nice. I'm gonna have to treat myself tomorrow at the mall.

I changed and walked over to Martin to get my percentage of the lap dances, VIP sessions, and drinks for the day. "Here, twelve hundred" Shit balls man, today was a good day.


I changed into my pokedot pajama shorts and Mario t-shirt and flopped onto my bed. My best friend since fifth grade, Katie, walked into the room and flopped next to me. "Was it a good day today, cause I haven't herd you complain yet" She giggled at that and than I told her how much I made today. "Holy shit man, that's awesome" But than I told her that the Councillor can't come anymore and she got bummed. "Oh well, you still do awesome anyway and your bound to get new regulars" She's always so damn positive...and thank god for that, because I don't know how I'd make it through the day without her upbeatness.

"And you know those four mystery guys I've had as regulars lately?" I asked. 

"Ya, why? Did they finally ask for a lap dance or something?" She asked shocked.

"Not really" I told her about the situation with the Councillor and how he found someone else to replace him.

"Oooooo" She started fangirling so hard I thought she was going to fall off the bed "Which one was it?"

"The really tall one with the coiffed hair and lip ring" I said and she flipped even more.

"You mean the absolutely gorgeous one who I would totally let take advantage of me?" I looked at her funny and she spoke again "I mean, what?" 

I laughed and than told her how all we did was talk and she looked so confused.

"He didn't want to get his freak on or something?" I almost laughed at her reference to "get his freak on" Who says that?

"Haha, no, it was actually kind of nice. I liked it, and he was so easy to talk to, like we had known each other forever" Her face turned into something like mischief.

"I think this is a blossom of romance" A second later her facial expression turned serious "Or he's just doing this to try and get into your pants" That is true, but I think he deserves a chance.

"Haha, ok, well I'm going to bed, night" I said and she walked out.

I don't understand, pretty much all guys would ask for something other than to just talk, especially for like four hundred dollars. This guy must be loaded or something, but he only looks my age, it might be his parents money or something. Oh well, I guess as long I get paid I'm fine, but who am I kidding, I've wanted to talk to this guy forever, I'd talk to him for free anyday.    

A.N So I was writing this until about two in the morning, so if this chapter seems a bit boring (like her character) it's because I was extremely tired and just wanted to get it over with lol But her character is supposed to be a money grubber, that's what I was trying to get at. 

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