Back Again

He started to walk closer to me until we were only inches about from each other. My breathing started to get faster, as I was nervous what was going to happen next. It was then that I lifted my head to look Luke in the eyes. For a second we looked each other before Luke cupped my face in his hands pulling me closer, crashing his lips into mine.


1. Chapter 1


“Omni get off of your lazy ass and go get ready” my mother says as she walks into the living room noticing that I I laying on the couch in a t-shirt and sweatpants. “You know that we are having company over tonight, and the way that you are dressed is not appropriate”.


“Do they really have to come?” I asked hoping that my mother would say no, but that was not the answer that I received.


“It is a nice thing to do, Omni” she says giving me the death stare. “Luke has been on tour for two years and he is finally back home. Therefore, it is nice to invite him and his family to dinner. Besides, the two of you are best friends. It would be nice if–”


“Were best friends” I say cutting her off. “ We haven’t spoken to each other in over two years, mom. The moment that he got the call about joining One Direction on tour, our friendship ended. He didn’t even bother telling me that he was leaving. The next thing I knew was that he was not showing up for school, and I had to find out through his mother why” I say with my voice getting louder towards the end.


“Yes, that was wrong of him to do. I agree with you on that, but this could be the chance for the two of you to rekindle your friendship. I am pretty sure that deep down inside you want to see him, and he probably wants to see you too”. She always does this. Trying to make a bad event have some good to it. There is no way in hell that I want to see Luke Hemming’s face, let alone have dinner with him.


“Whatever” I say rolling my eyes. “I’m going to my room to get ready since this dinner is not optional”. With that I headed up the stairs to my room, plopping on my bed. Why did my mother think this was a good idea? She remembers how upset I was when he left. I cried for weeks wondering why he didn’t tell me anything. An the all of the sudden my mother thinks it is a good idea to invite him to dinner? What on earth mom?


I look over at my phone that laid vibrating on my bed. I picked it up to see that it is my best friend, Eleanor. I slide the bar unlocking my phone and answer.


“Hey El” I say while still laying on my bed.


“Hey Om” she replies in happy tone. I swear that girl is almost always happy. “What are you doing?”


“Trying to get ready for this stupid dinner that my mother  has set up. Is there any chance that you can help me get out of this?” I really wanted her to say that I could come and spend the night at her house, or that some emergency came up that cause me to leave and miss the dinner.


“ If there was I would totally help you, but I can’t” she say in a disappointed tone. “I have to go with my parents to visit my grandmother that lives out of state. Other than that, I would be there helping you out”.

“Thanks anyways” I say sighing. “Well, I should probably go get ready. I have to at least look decent. I guess I will talk to you later”.


“Okay. Good luck, Om” she says before I hang up. I look at the clock only yo realize that it is 5:30, and the Luke and his family will be here in thirty minutes.


“Shit” I thought to myself. I ran to my closet shifting through my clothes. I finally decided on my black, knee ripped skinny jeans, my Nirvana shirt, and my red and black flannel. I ran to the bathroom to fix my hair and do my makeup. I pulled my hair out of the messy bun I had it in, letting my natural waves frame my face. When it came to makeup I decided to keep it simple with just eyeliner and mascara.


Just as I put my mascara back in my makeup pouch, I heard the doorbell ring. “Just in time” I thought to myself.


“Omni!” my mother yelled from downstairs. “They’re here. Come down here so we can greet them”. I checked my outfit in the mirror to make sure that everything was fine. Here goes nothing. Let the night of torture begin.

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