The Rose of Survival

Adam is around the age of 14 when his life becomes stressful. All he wants is to ease the storm, meanwhile another younge boy about the same age is also struggling for the this so called " Amusement " in his life to ease His storm. (BTW I had forgotten to add this but, Adam is SkyDoesMinecraft ( if you didnt know by now) and Ross is House_Owner........Sorry, my mistake for not adding this in.)


1. The storms arrival

One foot is out the door, with a single breath leading him, he starts his journey here and now. The wind brushing against his pale, white face, the glistening light,from the yellow sphere above him, beats down on his shaggy, brunette hair. His gentle, soothing voice,  harmonizing the theme song of " The Hunger Games", starts to fade as he makes his way to the front stairs of his high school. He sighs deeply, unsure of how his day will turn out. He takes a seat in the back by the window, as the the other students take forms in groups by their friends. A younge student going by his given name, Ross, hesitantly takes a seat beside him. " H- hi, my name is Ross. I'm new so......"the boy said nervously, his voice a bit high-pitched but still yet gentle. The other boy by the window makes eye contact and politely starts to introduce himself, " Hi, my name is Adam." The two started a conversation about their sceduals. By Adams perspective of Ross, it was a younge boy around the same age, shaggy, dirty- blond hair, and kind-of tall with glasses. After their introductions and conversations, the teacher began to talk, starting his class. The day was going by just fine and Adam also made an acquaintance. A little time after their first few classes and before lunch, Adam was walking the halls with Ross. Adam kept glancing back and forth at his new acquaintance and the dull- navy blue paint on the walls. " So Ross, what made you change schools?" Adam questioned giving a hesitant look before making eye contact. Ross also hesitated before answering," Well, I'm kind-of in a bad place with my family. I really don't want to talk about it ……I-if that's alright." Adam sighed, then removed eye contact. He didn't want to intrude on Ross' life so he changed the subject. They talked awhile, holding a full-on conversation when the bell rang, echoing throughout every student-filled halls. A few hours had passed and school was finally over. Adam, one foot in front of the other, walked into the " House of Chaos" as he called it. " Another day will happen tomorrow, I just have to wait it out………lets hope I survive," Adam began to think of Ross and what he had to say earlier at school, " I really don't want to talk about it," what is that supposed to mean? Why was he so hesitant? Did I offend him or something...? Adam lied down on his black and white-cameo bed. His head gently placed on his freshly washed pillows, witch had smelled like cherry blossom laundry detergent. " Well, one day down, " he deeply sighed and then rested for the night.

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