Ayden just entered the world of the supernatural by becoming a new vampire and had great expectations as to what it holds. However, the appearance of the one person he hoped never to see again is making his immortal existence a living hell.


4. Weekend of Hell

I tapped my foot as I waited for Lukas to arrive at Eclipse. The bastard finally showed up

"Took you long enough," I growled at him and he had the nerve to shrug.

Without so much as a second glance I brushed past the bouncer, "Let him in, he's with me."

The giant man smiled, "Alright, Baby."

I smirked at Lukas' confusion and led the way to the bar where Mason was entertaining a few women with a complicated drink. I waited until he was done before I called out to him, sliding onto a chair.

"Mason," he turned and waved.

"Hey, Baby. The usual drink or directions to a meal?" Mason was laughing at the expression Lukas wore at the way everyone called me Baby.

"Meal," Mason needed no further prompting as he pointed to a man in a secluded part of the club. I nodded. I was intently aware of Lukas watching my every move. Ignoring him, I sat down across from the man.

"Hi," I said politely, "Haven't seen you around here before."

He smiled, clearly pleased that I was friendly, "I haven't been here before. Name's Eric."

"Nice to meet you Eric. The people here call me Baby."

"Baby?" he questioned.

"Inside joke," I explained and he nodded.

"Do you work here?" I hesitated.

"Sort of," I answered finally, "Come with me and I'll show you what I do."

 I led him into the shadows, my fangs throbbing in anticipation. It was over is seconds and I carefully led him back to his seat. He would have no memory of ever meeting me. I looked over at Lukas and couldn't help but laugh at how big his eyes had grown.

"What?" Lukas snapped to attention. He shook his head, suddenly interested in his drink. Mason placed a cocktail in front of me. Lukas was clearly uncomfortable and as much as I hated myself for feeling it, I couldn't stand it. 

Deciding to set him at ease, I spoke up, "Mason, I'm gonna head out."

"See ya, Baby," he waved and went back to his job.

"Come on," I said, looking at Lukas.

"Why?" he asked.

I narrowed my eyes at him, "Because I said so."

Lukas was intelligent enough not to push any further. I started walking to a nearby park after making sure the stubborn shifter was following me. I felt a tap on my shoulder and realized that Lukas had moved to stand beside me.

"Where are we going?" I could tell that he was relieved to be away from the club.

"Does it matter," I was tired of being near him already, "You can leave whenever you want. No one's stopping you."

He glared at me, "You think I like being forced to stay with you. It's clear that you hate me."

"If you know that then why are you even here!" 

"Because I'm hoping that I can make up for my mistake." I stared at him in surprise.

"That day you saw me with Daniel was the day I came into my shifter heritage. I had been avoiding you because your scent was driving me insane. It took everything I had not to claim you when I saw you in the parking lot. You were human at the time and i would've hurt you if I did that. Not just mentally either," I was still scowling by the time he finished and wanted to slap him for his ignorance.

"You idiot!" I exclaimed, "If you would have told me that in the beginning them I could've helped you. I would've stayed away until you learned to control yourself. When I saw you with Daniel my heart shattered and like Mason, said I tried to kill myself. I had loved you." I was near in tears and Lukas looked sick.

"I'm gonna go home," I said. Lukas nodded numbly.

I left him in the park and ran home. At that point all I wanted was to sleep and forget today ever happened. However it was soon clear that wasn't going to happen as I saw Nina exit the grocery store near my house.

"Hey, Ayden. Did you have a date?" she asked when she saw me.

"Something like that," I came over to her.

"Nina!" we turned to see who had called for her and saw a man moving toward the with his hand raised as a small wave. My subconscious started analyzing him as he stood next to Nina.

"Bryer!" Nina hugged the man before looking back at me, "Sorry. Ayden, this is my brother, Bryer. Bryer, this is my boss and friend, Ayden."

Bryer stuck his hand out, "Nice to meet you, Ayden."

I shook his hand, "Nice to meet you, too" A tingling ran up my arm and I briefly wondered what it was, but couldn't think long before Nina was squealing excitedly. Both Bryer and I jumped at the sound. We shared a startled look and turned to the bouncing woman.

"What is it?" Bryer asked his sister.

"I just remembered that both you and Ayden are gay!" she practically shrieked in our ears, still imitating a spring.

"Really?" I looked at Bryer. He nodded while moving to calm a happy Nina. Nina pouted, but quickly smiled again. However, this smile sent a shiver down my spine. I knew first hand how evil Nina can be and the way she looked at us had scheme written all over it. Deciding it best to throw Bryer under the bus I said a quick goodbye and returned home.

Today had been one hell of a day and I felt dead on my feet. I went to bed, refusing to think about the fact that I had to see Lukas again tomorrow or my plotting assistant.

I groaned when my alarm went off, signaling the start of an entire day with Lukas. Hauling myself out of the bed I began my day. I had just grabbed my keys to leave when my phone started ringing. Lukas had sent a text saying he was staying home today and to not worry about seeing him. I grinned since I didn't have to see the wolf, but a small part of my mind kept nagging me to make sure he was fine. I really wanted to squish that part. Sighing, I gathered my things. It was time to visit a wolf, even if I really wanted to kill him. I couldn't wait until Monday when this weekend of hell would end. 



A/N: This is a rough chapter, but I wanted to elaborate on what happened to Lukas' and Ayden's relationship. Just in case Bryer is pronounced the same way as briar (the rose).

Lukas: Why am I an asshole?

Me:It goes with the story.

Lukas: But I'm a nice guy!

Me: Not in this story.

Lukas: *scowls and walks away*

Bryer: *enters and looks at Nina* Here you are.

Me: Sorry, we were scheming *grins evilly*

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