The hell squad

What happens when Lyss stumbles apon the Hell Squad, a group of fictional characters and real characters that are trying to make the world better?


5. chapter three



“You can sense them?” How is that possible, that’s my only question. I see her take a step back. After hearing that, Sab and the Terror Twins came over to see what was going on. “What’s wrong Jussie-Chan?” Sab asked with a worried tone in his voice.“If there is, we’ll help you.” Said the Terror twins in unison running out the door standing next to the girl outside. “Wow, I like your hair.”said the twin with white hair “Yeah, I love the shade of white in your hair.” butted the twin with black hair “And the red eyes, beautiful.”they both said in unison. They kept just giving her compliments and compliments. “Uh, hum.” Sab did pointing at me. “Right, where here for you, don’t worry.” Brie was able to get out of her mouth. “Right, so, who are you, I’ll ask again.” I asked In a more angry tone. How can you sense them?

She stood there until she  shrugged her shoulders and responded with an”I don't know”.I don’t take “I don't know” around here!I shouted with an explosive force.Lyss covered her ears after  the yell,so you are you going to give me an answer now I replied in a calm voice.She finally thought of an answer and replied.

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