Aarmau in love

This is an Aarmau (aphmau & aaron) love fanfic where they fall in love and date... don't judge me o.o


1. The Beginning

It was a sunny day and Aphmau was at the park with Aaron. She was on the swings and he was pushing her.

''Aaron this is so fun!'' Aphmau said excitedly.

''I'm glad you're enjoying yourself Aphmau.'' Said Aaron.

Aphmau and Aaron are best friends

After they played at the park they went to the café

'' Umm.. hey Aphmau does this count as a.. a date?'' Aaron asked nervously.

Garroth and Laurance were beside their table

hearing the conversation.

''Uhh I don-'' She was interrupted.

''Hey Aphmau'' They said looking over.

''OH! hey guys.'' Aphmau said.

''Grr'' Aaron mumbled.

Garroth and Laurance came over.

''Hey guys!'' Aphmau said.

''Wanna come to my house me and Aaron were gonna go alone but... you can come right aaron?''

''I wanted to go alone but if it makes you happy...'' Aaron said

''Hehe YAY!!!!'' She squealed and hugged Aaron ''thanks'' she whispered and winked at him.


That's the end of the chapter if its bad it's because this is my first ever fanfic don't judge me :|








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