Third Wheel

I'm not used to human interactions so I thought I'd still try to write a romance novel? Wish me luck.


1. The Insurance

 I wonder why she hangs out with me. 

Madison Schofwy, 20 years old, young and an aspiring actress. Sitting here with me. Darling Pearl, a 19 year old otaku who finds solace in playing otome games and writing stories as a hobby. She's been getting pretty popular especially with the new upcoming movie, The Gods Don't Lie, but then again she's always been popular. 

I cower beneath my manga just at the thought of how exponentially her fan base must have grown in the past year. 

Madison looks up from her script and eyes me. 

"What's up?"

I straighten in alarm, having being caught. 

"Huh? N-nothing."

Madison studies me calmly as she reaches towards her chicken wrap. 

"Is your book that good? Your nose is practically glued to it..!" Suddenly, her face brightens.

"That's right! I almost forgot!" She rummages around in her bag, a Bee Bow Bow satchel I ordered for her twentieth birthday recently. Just the thought of her actually using it filled with me a strange sense of pride. Our fashion sense isn't that different. Most would think her style to be bold and sexy, but it's actually pretty moderate.

Madison slides me an envelope, which I open curious of its content.

"I was invited out to a concert tonight! Or rather it ended up that way after I tried to ask for a favor." I ignore her words. My eyes scan over the lettering and a squeal escapes my mouth even before my eyes can register the name printed in Bucanera font. 

*-Wizzor -*

The Enchated Tour

no prof cams vid/ aud rec


"This is!..."

She puffs out her chest. 

"I know, I know, I'm awesome." 

I beam at her. 

"Thank you so much!"

She beams at me too.

"I'm glad to see you're happy, I thought you'd be slightly hesitant going with us."

Wait, with us? This isn't just for me?

I wave her away, too distracted to care about such minor details.

"Don't be silly, I can just sit farther away from the both of you, going to a concert alone isn't a problem for me." 

I say this mostly because I'd like to keep my fan girl persona hidden from people I know.

Madison's smile wilts a little.

"Actually, I was hoping you could stick around as know?" 

"Insurance?" I echo. My smile like hers wilts too.

Madison nods unable to meet my eye. 

"He's not a bad guy but..."

"But?" I find it hard to believe that Madison would be that nervous on a date, Madison who was dared to date five different guys over summer break and returned having dated seven was nervous?


Thinking about it makes me disbelieve it even more.

Madison smiles a small apologetic smile alongside the fellow next to her but I didn't want to let that distract me, my first ever concert to one of my favorite bands how could I pass this chance?! Those were my thoughts at the time but perhaps I should have thought it through a little more.



I had seen him somewhere before, I know it but I just can't remember where. As I study his face I rack my brain trying to match his face only to come up with no hits.

"This is Darling, the friend I told you about. Darling, this is my date, Shouza." Madison introduces us and I blink,  remembering that she was there and that we were all in the same space outside the Concert hall.

I smile politely at the fellow. As expected of all Madison's dates he was handsome, a lot more muscular and rough looking than the usual dates though plus he was blonde. Maybe he was some kind of athlete? I could picture it. 

"Darling?" I must've been staring for too long because Madison gives me a nervous look.

"I'm sorry, It's nice to meet you... Shouza." I catch myself.


He responds with a polite smile. It didn't exactly exude charisma, was he nervous too? I narrow my eyes at him and he raises his eyebrows at me. Madison nudges me but I ignore her, this was a rare event and I would act accordingly just this one day.

I cock my head at him.

"So you like pop?"

He looks at Madison, who nudges him. I frown at her.

"Do you two even like pop?" 

"I like kpop." Madison says defensively. I give her a long stare.

"I do." 

I furrow my brows at her. She looks elsewhere.

"If you're going to go date, do it right!" I mutter loud enough for both of them to hear. I couldn't help feeling frustrated and annoyed. It was almost like high school all over. 

"I don't mind sitting through it." The man speaks up eyeing me squarely. 

"Really now?" I squint at him, when he doesn't shrink away I pull back feeling slightly stupid.

"Whatever." I speed walk ahead, the two follow casually at a place behind once we turn in our tickets we enter the auditorium, it wasn't as crowded as I expected. Giddy, I hurry towards our seats, which wasn't too far away or too close, Shouza and Madison seat themselves next to me. I was hoping Madison would sit next to me and not Shouza with Madison to his far right. He smelled nice, In my peripheral I eye him. Tracing from the tip of his head down his neck and lingering on the visible muscle in his arm. This was bad.

I shift my eyes back onto the stage, my excitement for the concert competing with the new startling realization that had suddenly begin to dawn on me. 




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