The River

"The River" tells the story of Connie Francis Boothe who struggles to bring up three children in the damp living conditions on Howdon Road, North Shields in the 1950's Her Husband Richard is out of work and she is nearly seven weeks in arrears with her rent and eviction is looming. She has already pawned two of her mother's rings in order to feed her hungry children. Richard is a bit of a jack the lad who has ducked and dived all his life as a labourer - then he meets Beverly Madison a tall beautiful girl who is seven years younger than him but has had a crush on him since she was only fourteen. he begins an affair until after six months his wife finds out. How will Connie cope on her own after her husband leaves. follow this story of rags to riches - The River is one to read.


27. 27


“Ooh who’s feeling a bit frisky tonight then?’

“I’m always frisky when I’m around you he said chasing her into the bedroom.



 “What did your father have to say then asked Francis as she put out the children’s tea?

He asked about our new house and where you worked.’

“He did, did he.’

“Yes and we met Beverly didn’t we said Margaret.’

“His Fancy woman; what is she like then.’

“She’s very tall mam, said Tom.’

“She’s very pretty and she’s a head nurse at the Jubilee infirmary.’ said Margaret.’

“Do you like her?’

“Well she’s not like you mam said Alan.’

Did you go back to her house?’

“No but she has asked us to come to tea.’

I see; well if your father thinks that he can take you all away from me he’s got another thing coming.’

“I am your mother and no bloody nurse can replace me.’

The kids tucked into fish fingers, beans, and chips.’

After tea I want us to go and see Cynthia at the cottage; she is on her own and it will do her good to have a bit of company.’

“Can I stay here mam I want to watch television?’

“Alright you can stay but no mates in here when I’m out do you hear me?

“Yes mam.’

 Francis fixed her hair and applied some make up before putting on her camel hair coat.

Tom and Margaret were cleaning their teeth in the bathroom as Francis told them to hurry up.’

Shortly after the two came running to the door.’

“You had better take your coats and a hat on as well. It looks like its going to rain later. “I will see you later then son said Francis as they left.’

They walked down the street towards the cottage and as they got closer they saw that there was a red MG sports car parked outside.

“Wow said Tom as he walked around the shiny vehicle.’

“I wonder whose car that is.’

They walked up to the door and knocked and it was answered by a tall handsome gentleman wearing a blue suit. He had look of the actor Stewart Grainger about him.

“Hello you must be Francis; come in my mother has told me so much about you.’

“I’m Alan, Alan McCabe.

“She shook the hand that was offered and it swallowed hers up. He had to stoop as he walked through to the living room. As soon as they walked in they were greeted by a big black Labrador; whose tail was wagging fifty to the dozen?’

Awe, mam isn’t she lovely.’

“That’s Sally my son’s dog.’

“Come in and take a seat said Alan as the children played with the dog on the floor.

“My mother says that you work in the chemist shop.’

“Yes I’ve only just started working there.’

“Yes mam told me.’

“Where do you work Mr McCabe?

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